Sunday 18 May 2014

The Realization......

There was no trace of shame on his face.

She’d expected him to be weighed down with remorse.

“He will die of guilt when he knows this,” she’d thought.

But his indifference surprised her.

Even though the crowd disturbed him, he maintained his composure perfectly.

She knew it now ; he hadn’t been affected the way she’d expected him to be.

She regretted the thoughtlessness  behind her actions.

She saw him cover the body with a white cloth.

She wished she knew then , what she knew now.

That , her committing suicide would never change her dad , who’d so brutally raped her.


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Sunday 11 May 2014

Truth, as it is !

She realized that she could no longer hide the truth.

The sooner it was out, the better.

She looked guiltily at him.

He was seated on the sofa, his eyes scanning the newspaper.

The tired lines on his forehead sent waves of ache through her heart.

Nervous, she chewed her lips.

No ,she couldn’t delay it. She had to speak , now.

"Dad", she called.

He looked up at her.

"I'm sorry, dad," she said ,her voice filled with regret.

"What happened ?",  he asked.

Black tea

"You'll have to take black tea; there's no milk",  she said , a faint smile covering her embarrassment.



Monday 5 May 2014

My A-to-Z Story :)

Here we are, the alphabet pals,
We travelled together , guys and gals,
A month long journey through the letters with fun,
In twenty-six days , we got the job done !

Stories, poems, musings galore,
Each day saw us yearning for more,
Never did it seem a boring chore,
We met, loved, supported our friends we adore !

This blog saw a story in parts,
Which was, of course, meant to invade the hearts :)
It stirred a soul or not, I can never claim,
But they told me it was loved, all the same !!

Also born here were , flash fictions and drabbles
Which , I admit, were more of scrabbles :P
Yet they brought me so much of love,
That, I believe, is a blessing from above !

Oh My ! What a sweet month was that,
And it leaves us all, wearing the top hat !
Crowning us all , with the survivors’ aura,
And bringing with it, happy moments, plethora !!

As we bid adieu to ‘ A to Z ’,
We’re sure , not going to put it to bed,
We’re waiting for the seasons to come a full round,
And bless us again with the challenge, so renowned !!

That pretty much sums up my feelings, as I sit down to pen the ‘reflections’ post.

Needless to say, this has been a beautiful month, as much in terms of enjoyment as in terms of creativity.
We all have enjoyed the ‘A-to-Z’ challenge immensely...
for the adrenaline rush that it triggered in us.....
for the ideas it put into our heads....
for the wonderful pieces of writing that enriched our days and filled our moments with so much fun...
for the new friends we made.....
for the friendships we strengthened....
for those wonderful moments of support we received...
for the smiles that lit up our lips when we read a beautiful comment....
for the camaraderie that flowered everywhere…

On the personal front, this gave me a chance to explore more into whatever little talent I possess with the words.
I had promised to write a ‘Serial Story’ and a ‘Random Post’ per letter, which meant I was literally throwing myself into the challenging waves with two posts per day.
I tried scheduling some posts, but I found that some sort of  ‘Inverse Zeigarnik effect’ was troubling me, because even after scheduling, I kept thinking of how to improve them, rather than dwelling on the ‘posts to be’. This wasn’t helping, so I resorted to writing and scheduling just ‘a day in advance’, so that it didn’t leave me much time to think of what I’d already written.

Moreover, my serial story was gaining flesh and blood with every moment of thought , so I had to have some time for minor alterations in the plot. Hence I thought, writing daily would be a better choice.

I’m happy  that I could do both posts per day, as I’d wanted to, and come out of it unscathed :D

On the blog hopping front, I utilized early morning hours and covered some bookmarked blogs every day. The rest of them are being covered now.
I’m sure everyone out there is doing the same, catching up with all the wonderful blogs .
We’re here to support each other and win, and every visit makes us happy !

Some of us were new to the blog world, some of us were debutants at the challenge, many of us were confused and most of us were doubtful if we would ever complete it.
There were many moments of self-doubt, or instances of diminishing interest.
But none of this stopped us from going on with the challenge, did it ?

Many of us were writing on chosen themes, which were as varied as they could ever be  and many of us were writing at random.
Either way, it was a ‘heart-and-soul’ effort for all of us, was it not ?

So, what are we waiting for ? Let’s celebrate !

We’re the happy Survivors of the challenge !

Congratulations to all those who entered and came out of the maze !

A big THANK YOU to the teams behind the A to Z, who worked behind the scenes to make it a grand success. You inspire us in more ways than one !

And a big HUG to all those who entered, but couldn't make it, for some reason or the other .
Never mind the challenge, there's always a next time here.
We're always there for you, you're special to us in all ways !!

There were many visitors, both participants and non-participating supporters, and most of them left good comments here :) Though I’ve not replied to the comments, I sure will :)
Every visit, every comment is important to us bloggers, and it helps us grow, as writers, bloggers and as individuals !

Thanks for all the support and love !

The challenge yet again proves that we can achieve anything that  we want, come hell or high water !

Let’s keep up the spirit of togetherness in the days to come, and support each other and grow together in this wonderful world that’s the blogosphere !

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