Friday 22 August 2014

A piece of you, for peace of life....

Should I do it ?
Yes, you should.
What if he gets killed ?
On the contrary, what if he lives ?
Am I doing the right thing ?
You did it with the pigs, successfully.
They are pigs, this is human.
You’re gifting him a life.

These are some of the questions that the two halves of his mind speak as he gets ready to perform the surgery, the first of its kind. On one side, he is a confident surgeon, sure of his success, and very well aware that his success will create a medical miracle and a path for many to follow. On the other, he battles self doubt. The negatives of ‘what if’ loom large in front of his eyes.
A battle of thoughts and emotions later, he goes ahead and does what his medical ethics ask him to do - to try saving a life if he can.

After nine hours of work involving a team of thirty people , Dr Christiaan Barnard created history , Louis Washkansky became the world’s first recipient and Denise Darvall, the first donor.
Yes, the world’s first successful human heart transplant , this was , way back in 1967.
(In italics  above is the crux of what he thought , as he prepared himself for the surgery, as revealed in his book, One Life).

She was just 16 then. And her liver was threatening to make her bid good-bye to the beautiful world around her. But she wanted to live. She could, if she got her liver replaced.
Frantic searches for donors. Taking samples. Tests. More tests. Trying for the best match. Failures.  Repeating the cycle.
Her parents couldn’t , but her aunt came forth, ready to donate a piece of her liver to her niece. Miraculously, she was found to be the perfect match as a donor.
And then, law hindered. Legal hindrances seemed insurmountable at one point of time.
But fate wouldn’t let them fail. 
The story came to the attention of the society, and the Chief Minister of the state himself came forward to sort out the legal glitches and give a ‘ go-ahead’ for the surgery.
Prayers. Financial help. More prayers.
And finally, she started her journey towards life again. From a point where she would have fallen, but for the timely intervention of her aunt, and her magnanimity.
Swathi Krishna is now 19, and pursuing her graduation in Commerce from Ernakulam, Kerala. She’s currently getting trained in Classical dance forms too, as a part of her health regimen.

You  have two sons, and you’ve been raising them alone ever since they lost their father. They’re so loving, the sole joy in your life. One fine evening, the bike that they ride falls prey to an accident, killing the younger
of the two, and leaving the elder one battling for his life. To say that you’re shattered would be a grave understatement, and the next evening , you receive news that the elder son is brain-dead.
What do you do when fate plays this cruel game ?
No, you don’t fall down. You rise up in the face of the threatening grief, and you decide that your son will live through three other people.
You donate his liver, and two kidneys.
We salute you, Rajeena Ma’m, for being a strong woman, and a stronger mother.

Well, these are just two of the many inspiring stories on Organ Donation.
Would you like to read more ? Please do.

And now for a personal story (cutting short a long painful one, of course).
My aunt had received a kidney in a successful transplant, almost 16 years back. She had started living her life normally after that, but we lost her two years later. Even as we mourned at the loss, we were thankful that she had actually received an extended lease of life because of the kind-hearted lady who had donated her the kidney.

Ever since, organ donation has been a topic close to my heart.

God creates life, mother’s womb nurtures it, and brings it out. We grow.
Every single thing about our body is a miracle.
We all are miracles, that way. So when someone’s miracle doesn’t function properly, isn’t it a good thing that we have the power to set it right for them ?
How ?  By donating our organs. That would bring solace to so many aching hearts across the world.
We all know about blood donation, and have read enough and more on how the precious liquid saves lives. We are aware of blood banks too.
How about organ banks ?
I am.
We are.
Organ banks.
Who have been blessed with a good, healthy body, whose organs can help someone gain a new life, even after the heart has stopped beating and blood has stopped flowing.

Donating an organ is donating a life.
Imagine how many people can feel the difference in their lives if just one person donates all his organs -  eyes, heart, liver, kidneys, bone marrow, tissues…. isn’t that great ? :)
So, if we all decide to be donors, imagine the massive change it shall bring in the world around us !
True, little drops of water do make a mighty ocean.

And for this, let’s take care of our health. Obviously, we cannot donate something unless that is in proper condition, so let’s vow to ourselves that when we donate , we’ll donate them in as perfect a condition as we can.  Because, as I said,  we all are ‘Organ Banks’. The more we care for ourselves, the more our organs can be of help to someone else, after we bid goodbye to the world.

To answer the question that might have popped up by now, no, I haven’t registered yet as an organ donor. But I will. That’s a promise to myself.
No, not for an eternal life. 
But to add my drop of happiness to someone who might need it. And for the immense joy of being able to give :)

I’ll add a piece of myself to someone to add peace to his or her life !
So, how about adding yours ?

Tuesday 12 August 2014


Haunted by the memory of the moment she left her cocoon, flapping her tiny wings, searching for nectar,  I wait for her, my doors wide open.
Please return to me , I pray.
My heart has what she needs.
Plenty of it.
Oh ! I just wish she sees it.

Picture Credit : The Moving Quill

Word count : 49
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Thursday 7 August 2014

She !

She visits me when I least expect
Urging me out of my slumber
In varying shades, finely decked
Always a multiple in number

She does to me what none else can
Pulls me into a trance
Carried away, in a very short span
My mind begins the dance !

She flows out of my mind as thoughts,
Speaks to the world for me
While I wonder at her plots,
Searching for the key

She is the one who gives me wings
Makes me fly high
Because of her, my heart sings
When I touch the sky

She sends me waves of love and hope
Wraps me in her kisses
With all tough moments, she helps me cope
All doubts, she dismisses

She shows me light when darkness falls
Nudges me forward , to move
Tired  I might be, still she calls
I’ve my calling to prove

She feeds my soul with the soothing tonic
Brave, she makes me feel
Throws out all thoughts, demonic
Slowly I begin to heal

She fuels me with the desire to win
Stand high on the pedestal
With her around as my lovely fin,
My victory seems celestial

She flies to me from a world unknown
Takes a place in my heart
Forever there, she’ll reside on the throne
Till death does us apart

Who is she, you seem to ask,
Oh  ! In joy I beam !!
My friend, in whose glory I bask,
My sweet, lively dream !!


Monday 4 August 2014

The Footballer....

The big toe on his right foot had swollen to twice the normal size.
I looked at him with questioning eyes.
“We were playing Brazil last night. I got the ball for myself,”  my grandfather said , grinning childishly.
I couldn’t help smiling.
He had dreamt of , and played for his favourite football teams in his sleep.  Again !
I sighed and started massaging his toes slowly with his favourite balm.
“But this was worth it,” he said, as I finished.
“What ? This swelling ?”,  I asked.

“ Yes, I scored the winning goal”, he winked and chuckled, as I broke into a laughter.


# True Story :)

Sunday 3 August 2014

The Apology...

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“ I don’t want this to affect my career , you heard me ?”, I screamed into the phone.
“ Why don’t we discuss this at home,”  Saket tried reasoning with me.
“ Home or here doesn’t make a difference to me, Saket. I can’t go ahead with this. This is the time I’m getting noticed. My career is flourishing. I don’t want this now,” I spoke and hung up, the anger in my voice reaching a new peak.

I’d joined Modelopez  as a model three years back, immediately after getting married to Saket. He had encouraged me, made me confident enough to seek modeling assignments, and that was the time Modelopez were looking for fresh faces. I got the job with them, and since then I’d been working hard to prove myself in the industry. I’d received the ‘Fresh Face of the Year’ award last year from the International Advertisers’ Club, and this had brought in many overseas assignments too. My career graph as a sought-after model was up on the X-and-Y axes, and I had started earning well.

But then, this pregnancy.
Something we hadn’t planned for now. An absolute accident.

When I missed the day on the calendar, I blamed the hormones and stress . But two weeks and an episode of severe vomiting and fainting later, I was at the Gyneac’s, panic-stricken.
She had confirmed my fears. I’d be a mother soon. Without being prepared for it.

I had just relayed it to Saket, who had sounded happy.

No, I don’t want this now. Not when the Modelling Queen’s Tiara is waiting for me. This can wait. And wait, it will have to, I thought to myself, as I took an auto home.

“Mrs Sunayana, I would suggest going ahead with the pregnancy. Unless the pregnancy is harmful for either the mother or the child, we can’t abort the fetus. That’s the law. And in your case, your baby is developing healthily enough ,“  Dr Ameya said, as she examined my scan reports a month later.
Saket looked at me , expectations writ large on his face. I had discussed my intention with him, and he’d listened to me patiently before explaining why he wanted the baby, why he thought the baby was imperative for us now. I couldn’t blame him; I empathized with him,  but motherhood wasn’t for me. At least , not now.  Saket hadn’t spoken to me about it after that.
But arguing with Dr Ameya was futile, I knew.
“ We’ll think about it, and get back to you, Madam,” I said, my voice absolutely devoid of conviction.
As I left the hospital, I made a mental note to start consulting another doctor who would understand me. My need. My choice. My career.

I panic when I find myself in the dark. And there’s a sudden light. She comes to me, wobbling , as if she’s walking in the air. I can see she’s hairless, and her eyes are closed. She looks tiny, but grows larger as she approaches me.
I flinch for a moment, and squint my eyes, shielding them with my hand to block the light.
She moves towards me , slowly , her fingers trying to reach me. I try to run away, but stop short at the squeaky voice that starts speaking.
“See, my eyes. I was waiting for the day I can open them and see you, Ma. My fingers, see, I had tiny nails on them. Do you see my head ? I had a small brain inside that too. I loved you Ma. I loved Pa too. My heart had started beating, Ma. I was waiting to come out, Ma. What wrong did I do ? Why didn’t you want me, Ma ? You know Ma, when the long tube came in, I thought someone was tickling me. I wriggled , Ma. Did you know ? But it was all over too soon, Ma. I just got sucked into that . Why, Ma , why did you do this to me ? I could’ve lived, Ma. I could’ve been your princess. I could’ve played pinball with Pa. You never gave me  a chance, Ma. Why, why didn’t you…?"
She tries to touch me.
I scream and run, and she follows, her small fingers stretching out to reach me.

I woke up drenched in sweat, and sobbing hard.  My scream had woken up Saket, and he wrapped his arms around me as I sobbed into his chest, my nails digging deep into his shoulders.

Six months later, as Dr Ameya brought me the chubby little cherub I’d given birth to a short while ago, I could feel my eyes blurring with tears.
I took her in my arms, with all the love that existed within me, and a little more.
She was in deep slumber, and as I held her close to my bosom, I could feel her breath mingle with mine.

I would have almost lost her to a foolish, thoughtless decision of mine, but for that nightmare. The timely one.
True, I needed a career. But I needed a family too. I wouldn’t rejoin work for another year, and Modelopez were ready to grant me the leave. I had earned it, and they trusted my professionalism.

I looked at her again.
“I owe you this. Sorry, darling. Sorry. Sorry for that thought of mine. I'll always be around, for you. And we'll definitely play pinball with Pa, ” I said, as I kissed her forehead.
The baby scent bound my body in intoxicating waves of joy.

As I looked at her again, her lips twitched in what I thought was the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen in my life.

And I knew, my apology had been accepted.
Disclaimer : This is purely a work of fiction. Any similarity, with anyone living or dead, is coincidental. The opinions expressed in the story belong to only to the protagonist. Not even to the writer, that is. 

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