Wednesday 23 October 2013

A Sonnet - Friendship !

The next one of the poetic forms I'd like to try my hands ( or rather, brains ) is the Sonnet.

Thanks to Shakespeare, and the long enjoyable hours we spent in English classes at school, we know what a Sonnet is.
It is a poetic form of fourteen lines, with a rhyme scheme definite to each poem. A Shakespearean Sonnet has three stanzas of four lines each, and a couplet which polishes off the poem :-)
The rhyme scheme is usually abab cdcd efef gg :-)

This poem Friendship is my amateurish attempt at a Sonnet.

I remember the day we became friends,
On our first day at our new school…
We were yet to learn that friendship transcends
And making friends had no thumb rule…

Time bound us together, with a golden glue,
that we never ever wanted to break….
All tasks were for us to pull through,
Life looked like a piece of cake….

As our thoughts gained flesh and wings,
we were aware of the years that sped by,
Still our steps had the cheer that brings
the faith that we’ll touch the sky…

Such is the bond that we share as friends,
I’ll bet, you’ll want to make no amends !!

UBC 23 :-)

*Image Courtesy: Google Images


  1. Very well written Sreeja-i like poems which rhyme and also are understandable to the reader.

  2. Thanks a lot, Indu :) Welcome to my space !!

  3. That was a good attempt at sonnet.Keep writing more of them

  4. Sreeja you are an dxpert in writing poetry. Such beautiful language!

    1. Oh My God !! That's a great boost... Honestly , this is the first forum where I'm trying my hands or rather brains at poetry.... I never wrote any till date..... Thank you so much !! :) :) :)

  5. Beautifully written and I cannot believe this is your first poem :)

    Following you <3

    1. Thanks a lot, Me :) Well, not this one, but a poem I wrote in this blog before some weeks, was my first.
      On the whole, not more than 6-7 poems so far :)
      Thanks a lot, dear :)

  6. Thank you this is a great poem love it keep on going

  7. Super quotes I need more like this


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