Monday 23 March 2015

April, here we come !! ( A-To-Z Theme Reveal Post)

Welcome, the 23rd of March !!

This day brings  the wonderful moment,
Merry and gay, full of enjoyment,
When we,  the A-to-Z-ers, join hands,
To brandish our beloved magic wands…

Revealing the paths our pens would take,
And the world of words we would make,
Of love, life, laughter and fun,
Twenty-six letters to get the job done !

Four weeks in April will see us paint,
Words so eloquent, pictures so quaint,
Varying themes, and topics to choose
I’m sure, it’s a challenge for the muse !

We’re soon completing the first quarter of the Calendar year 2015, and in comes April, bringing with it the A to Z Challenge.

For those who are new to the idea, the A to Z is an Annual Mega Event in the blogosphere, that brings together more than 2500 bloggers across the globe. Through the month of April, we write for 26 days , each day’s post signifying a letter of the English Alphabet , beginning with A on April 1st, B on April 2nd and so on.

Oh yes, Sundays are off,(for good behaviour, as the wise say :D ) so that all 26 letters get perfect and comfortable space on our blogs :)

The bonus is, we can write about anything and everything.  

You choose to have a theme ? Go ahead. Zero in on a theme and write your heart out.

No ? Then be as random as random can get !

Just adhere to the letter of the day, and have fun :)

We’ll have to write our posts, and then catch up with  our friends who are participating as well.
That’s the way we show the spirit of support and encouragement :)

We get to write a lot, read a lot more, find like-minded bloggers, get introduced to many new bloggers, forge friendships, form groups and most importantly, grow !!

And guess what ? That’s double the fun guaranteed!

Win-Win :)

Last year, for my first A-to-Z, I had pitched in with 2 posts a day, 1 as a part of a series, and another on a random topic, mostly Drabbles.

So this year, for my second A-to-Z,  what am I writing on, you ask me. I hear the question.

Here we go…

*Drum Rolls Please*

Here’s the Theme …..

A, B ,C, D, E ,F, G, H
A story in series, I’m waiting to sketch….

I, J, K, L, M, N, O,P
No easy job ,it’s going to be…..

Q,R, S, T, U, V
I’ll try my best , a promise from me…..

W and X and Y and Z
Come April, and we’ll go ahead !!

Yes, it’s a story in series, this time too.

Unlike last year, I am limiting myself to 1 post per day.
The main reason being, a short trip to India in April.
I shall be away for the second fortnight of the month, and that means I’ll have to schedule the posts in advance so that I’m still in the game :)
(And managing two posts a day will be like biting off more than the chewable portion of my daily diet :D)

Come on, let’s put our brains to work,
Allow our thoughts to run berserk :D
With open hands, let’s welcome April,
Looking forward to the days of thrill !

Let’s pour our hearts out as words,
Fly around the blogosphere like birds,
Join hands to rock the A-to-Z,
And bask in the warmth of the joy that is spread !!

I am excited.

Aren’t you ?


This Post is a part of the A to ZChallenge Theme Reveal Blog Fest.

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When wet with the raindrops of emotion
I shake myself off and on …..
And then…
Deep inside my mind’s ocean,
A poem is born !

Here, I end my silence on the blog , that has lasted for more than five months.
I still can’t believe that I have kept quiet for so long a time, because that’s quite unusual for me. I am a chirpy, talkative, always-running-around kind of a person.
I really don’t know what caused the lull. I just know that I’m not liking it.

But hey, I’m back !!

Thank you all, for supporting and for being with me !!