Tuesday 14 October 2014

Vacation time ! :)

Knock, knock….  I’m back here at my lovely space. 

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a long time now, and I know it isn’t fair.

Though I’ve been reading blogs, I have not at all been active in writing over the past one month, and it doesn’t sound good, even to me.

After all, this is the world I chose for myself ; this is the blog I gave birth to with so much love; how could I ignore it for so long ?

No, I’m not giving any excuses for not having written for this long . It is my mistake and I take the responsibility for the same :(

As I said, the hiatus has been a long one, and one that made me think a lot.I thought , thought and thought and ideas developed inside my head.I put them on paper and got back to thinking :D

Now they wait on my notepad, expecting me to carve them into stories, or poems or anything that I might feel they are worth.

And yes, I will do that.

Slowly, steadily.

But, after my long awaited vacation.

Yippieeeeeeeee ! I said it ;)

I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, that is , the 15th.


A  month-and-a-little-more long trip to Kerala.

So much to do there !

A wedding to attend, in all flamboyant colours .

Visiting temples, and bringing back holy, sweet memories for the next year……

Meeting friends !

Catching up with relatives over filter kaapi :)

Spending some relaxing days at Vynika, the new home which we built last year at Palakkad….

I may not have net connectivity, so I’m not sure about being able to post updates. But I promise to update as and when I find it possible to :)

So , see you all after a break :)