Monday 24 June 2013

Here I am , born to be beautiful !!

This blog was conceived some days ago, when the idle mind ,being threatened by the proverbial devil, decided to dwell on the musings of the alert mind, instead !!

She had been in gestation ever since, waiting to burst out of her cocoon, to take in the fresh gust of air, to spread her wings and try flying.

Yet, the ice was hard to break.

There was so much to think of, so much of refinement to be done, much more to be apprehensive about.

But it is now, or never.

There is never a best moment for anything to happen…. It is just that the moment becomes the best when it happens !!!

She has just taken birth.

Out into the web world, to carve out a niche for herself.

To spread fragrance as the flower unfurls !!

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