Thursday 31 July 2014

Of fear and freedom...

Write Tribe

He seems to lurk in the darkness around
Making us shiver in silence
Though we keep him strictly drowned
At times he defeats our pretense

We call him fear, of the senses,
Of  soul, self, life and what not
Of failure, success and offenses,
Everywhere he has his slot !

Being afraid never ever works,
Just leaving  our hearts to bleed
Only if we uproot  the fear that lurks
Deep inside, we’ll succeed

Fear to try, keeps success at bay
You’re forced to keep your hood low
Fear to love keeps life away
Just the monotonous flow !

Here comes our time to marvel
At an idea that’s a difficult trade
What would our thoughts unravel
Only if we weren’t afraid ?

If fear was nowhere in my heart
And I wasn’t afraid at all
I’d pat my back for being smart
For never being anyone’s doll

I’d rewind the days I’ve lived so long
And find out the times gone wrong
I’d send my mistakes to where they belong
Embracing my life with a fresh song

I’d go back to days of struggle and pain
Show them that life’s such a treasure
And  tell them, I love them for the gain
They’ve bestowed on me with pleasure

I’d sing my soul out , letting my voice
Choose its own streams to flow
Happiness in life, is my own choice
No matter how the winds blow

Till my feet ache, I’d dance and dance,
Great heights beckoning me,
Sweet rhythms sending me into a trance,
Of all bondages, I’d break free

Out will come the words I’ve eaten
For the fear of hatred and rejection
Them, I’ll no more bother to sweeten
Out I’ll throw the dejection

I’d live a life, my very own ways
Live it with purpose and in style
The absence of fear would always amaze
But make every moment worthwhile !

Here I take the steps as a baby,
To bid goodbye to my fear
I’d face a fall en route, may be
But never shall I shed a tear

One of these days I’ll come out
Of the cocoon of anxiety , diffidence
Alive in my eyes would be a new sprout
Of strong and fearless confidence !

So, did you hear ?
About the Write Tribe Blog Carnival, I mean ?
It's been kicked off with a post on Everyday Gyaan, Corinne's lovely blog :)
Thank you, Corinne, for the wonderful prompt :)

And this is what I wrote :)
Some parts of the poem are tweaked facts :). Creative liberty, you see . I guess I'm allowed to :) :) . ( Like the shyness, diffidence and all that. I'm anything but shy :P)
Hope you enjoy :)


  1. What a heartfelt poem! So true, Sreeja, that we attain freedom after overcoming fear :)
    I totally share your views as even I would love to rewind & do the same & not shed a tear :)

  2. Sreeja this is a very inspiring poem. The following stanza is amazing.
    Out will come the words I’ve eaten
    For the fear of hatred and rejection
    Them, I’ll no more bother to sweeten
    Out I’ll throw the dejection

  3. that was soooooo beautiful! i have my own demons and fears to tackle...and this is inspiring....and one day i'll come out of my cocoon too!

  4. After reading this, I'm sure all fears in the reader's mind would disappear. Good to see you back, Sreeja! I missed your posts :(

  5. I hope I conquer all my hidden issues..
    This poem was inspiring...
    Loved it. Keep writing Sreeja!

  6. Okay now just picture this.

    I'm standing on my work table and clapping loud after reading this. Get the picture? :)

    Absolutely brilliant! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase write more often, I miss your posts!

  7. Awesome Sreeja :) Just amazing. And yes, I agree with Soumya, please write more often :)

  8. Only if we uproot the fear that lurks
    Deep inside, we’ll succeed

    What amazing lines Sreeja.
    The roots of fear have to be removed from the psyche.
    Applause for writing so beautifully.

  9. awaesome poetic form of expression of our choices!
    Well done, Sreeja :)

  10. lines true to the core...beautiful or rather honestly written :)


  11. Sreeja this was beautiful and yes very inspiring! You have such a talent for both prose and poetry! Kudos!

  12. That was such a beautiful poem....I can't decide which part I like best!


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