Monday 23 March 2015

April, here we come !! ( A-To-Z Theme Reveal Post)

Welcome, the 23rd of March !!

This day brings  the wonderful moment,
Merry and gay, full of enjoyment,
When we,  the A-to-Z-ers, join hands,
To brandish our beloved magic wands…

Revealing the paths our pens would take,
And the world of words we would make,
Of love, life, laughter and fun,
Twenty-six letters to get the job done !

Four weeks in April will see us paint,
Words so eloquent, pictures so quaint,
Varying themes, and topics to choose
I’m sure, it’s a challenge for the muse !

We’re soon completing the first quarter of the Calendar year 2015, and in comes April, bringing with it the A to Z Challenge.

For those who are new to the idea, the A to Z is an Annual Mega Event in the blogosphere, that brings together more than 2500 bloggers across the globe. Through the month of April, we write for 26 days , each day’s post signifying a letter of the English Alphabet , beginning with A on April 1st, B on April 2nd and so on.

Oh yes, Sundays are off,(for good behaviour, as the wise say :D ) so that all 26 letters get perfect and comfortable space on our blogs :)

The bonus is, we can write about anything and everything.  

You choose to have a theme ? Go ahead. Zero in on a theme and write your heart out.

No ? Then be as random as random can get !

Just adhere to the letter of the day, and have fun :)

We’ll have to write our posts, and then catch up with  our friends who are participating as well.
That’s the way we show the spirit of support and encouragement :)

We get to write a lot, read a lot more, find like-minded bloggers, get introduced to many new bloggers, forge friendships, form groups and most importantly, grow !!

And guess what ? That’s double the fun guaranteed!

Win-Win :)

Last year, for my first A-to-Z, I had pitched in with 2 posts a day, 1 as a part of a series, and another on a random topic, mostly Drabbles.

So this year, for my second A-to-Z,  what am I writing on, you ask me. I hear the question.

Here we go…

*Drum Rolls Please*

Here’s the Theme …..

A, B ,C, D, E ,F, G, H
A story in series, I’m waiting to sketch….

I, J, K, L, M, N, O,P
No easy job ,it’s going to be…..

Q,R, S, T, U, V
I’ll try my best , a promise from me…..

W and X and Y and Z
Come April, and we’ll go ahead !!

Yes, it’s a story in series, this time too.

Unlike last year, I am limiting myself to 1 post per day.
The main reason being, a short trip to India in April.
I shall be away for the second fortnight of the month, and that means I’ll have to schedule the posts in advance so that I’m still in the game :)
(And managing two posts a day will be like biting off more than the chewable portion of my daily diet :D)

Come on, let’s put our brains to work,
Allow our thoughts to run berserk :D
With open hands, let’s welcome April,
Looking forward to the days of thrill !

Let’s pour our hearts out as words,
Fly around the blogosphere like birds,
Join hands to rock the A-to-Z,
And bask in the warmth of the joy that is spread !!

I am excited.

Aren’t you ?


This Post is a part of the A to ZChallenge Theme Reveal Blog Fest.

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When wet with the raindrops of emotion
I shake myself off and on …..
And then…
Deep inside my mind’s ocean,
A poem is born !

Here, I end my silence on the blog , that has lasted for more than five months.
I still can’t believe that I have kept quiet for so long a time, because that’s quite unusual for me. I am a chirpy, talkative, always-running-around kind of a person.
I really don’t know what caused the lull. I just know that I’m not liking it.

But hey, I’m back !!

Thank you all, for supporting and for being with me !!


  1. Welcome back, Sree! It's lovely to see some action back here :) I'm thrilled about the challenge too. It's going to be my first one for A to Z. Looking forward to your posts!

  2. And I'm so glad you are back!!! :D

    My second time with A to Z. Last time I had everything random as the theme, this time though I want it to be something serious. Let me see what I decide to do by tonight :)

    Looking forward to read your stories :)

  3. Have you seen the Godrej Hair creme Expert advertisement where the girls shout OMG OMG OMG AWWWW!!!! ? I am feel like shouting like them too seeing you back after such a long time!! It's good to see you writing Srija :) Missed your writing so much! I am sure you will be back with a bang for the A to Z this time :)

    The Grand Theme Reveal

  4. Hugs, hugs, hugs and welcome back Sreeja! :) Your theme reveal post is absolutely delightful! I love your talent with verse. Looking forward very much to reading your story! ♥

  5. yeahhhhh you are back!!!!! {bear hugs} :D :D so glad that you are taking part in the challenge. I am looking forward to read the series :D

  6. Good to see you back, Sreeja! Love the way you weave stories. Definitely looking forward to your story in a series, this April! Cheers :)

  7. Good luck and welcome back! Looking forward to your tales in April!

  8. All the best!! and the theme reveal post is so interesting!

  9. Such a delightful treat this read was! I will be coming back for more such treats for sure. All the best, Sreeja. Have fun. :)

  10. Great to see you back in action Sreeja! Will look forward to that series of your April special story :)

  11. Welcome back, Sreeja. Nice to see you again

  12. I loved your poetry! I loved your both posts last year and consider me glued for this year's too!! I am so glad to see you back here!! Good luck! :)

    A To Z Theme Reveal – A Reader’s Imagination

  13. Ah! So finally you are back! The theme reveal took me back to last year...and I remember your story entirely!!! I havent been writing too much these days...and i guess I'll hop in too!! Cant wait to join you in the A to Z this year too!

  14. So glad to see you back in the blogging groove, Sreeja :) May you rise above with this story as well. I recall the way you tugged at heartstrings last time :)

  15. You are back, good to have you back.
    Loved the poetry and so glad I get to read your stories.
    All the best.

  16. Yay! So glad to have you do the AtoZ. :D Loved the poetry. Maybe, just maybe if I hang around you long enough, some of that amazing poetry fairy dust will rub off on me too. Also, I love your theme. Needless to say, I will be following you..daily. After all, I need to accumulate all that fairy dust ;)

    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  17. Sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck!

    -Chrys Fey
    Tremp's Troops A to Z Co-co-host

  18. Yay! Happy to see you:-) Your theme sounds great- love it. Best of luck

  19. Love how you presented your theme. Look forward to your stories. All the best.

  20. Looks like there is going to be a lot of fun in April ! Enjoy ! Looking forward to it !

  21. You are a talented poet and I look forward to your A-Z posts. Enjoy the challenge! ☺

  22. Welcome back.Looking forward eagerly to the serial in April

  23. That was an impressive take on the theme reveal and what a great theme too ! A story for a month... It surely is a cake walk for you :)

    Looking forward to your posts and wishing you the best :)

  24. Nice to see you back. Your last year's posts are still fresh. All the best.

  25. That's a great theme and your verses are already setting me up for the posts ahead in days to come..


  26. I remember your serialised story from last year and also those random posts! What a treat they were! Good luck with the challenge this year. Look forward to reading your story this year too. And welcome back to the blogging :)

  27. Brilliant expressions ! enjoyed reading ...


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