Thursday 5 June 2014

As I flutter by....

I live a life, of love and care,
Short but sweet, and very fair,
Full of colours and extremely vibrant,
You will never find me, for a moment, silent ;
I fly by , happy , cool and gay;
For me, it’s the ‘now’ that holds sway,
I count my life by moments, not years,
I find no time for sorrow or tears ;
My mission in  life is to  show you all,
That days are few, life is so small,
As you live, love and die,
Time just moves, with the flash of an eye.

Live your life, happily ever,
Despair not, fail at heart, never,
Please listen to me as I flutter by,
I am just a lovely butterfly !!

I am not much of a poetess.
It's just very recently that I discovered that I could play around with words.
I wrote this poem as a part of a story series which I'd planned to write, when I started this blog.
 Somehow, I didn't complete the series, and it still remains so.
 I thought of reproducing the poetry part of the story here.
(Yeah, Old wine repacked... I know :P )


  1. Lovely poem Sreeja ! We all wish to flutter like that butterfly at some point of time :)

  2. yay!! did u know titli means butterfly? and u described exactly, the way i feel!! loved the rhyme!! im a rhyme person, i like my poems to rhyme...that way they sound more melodious, and then i like to read it like it were a song! this one made me very happy!

  3. Good job with the poem, Sreeja. The image of the fluttering butterfly is so peaceful.

  4. She is more than just a pretty butterfly.
    How lovely this was. Its been sometime since I spotted a butterfly :O

  5. always be like this butterfly... happy and cool

  6. It is beautiful, Sreeja. Hugs!

  7. as beautiful as the butterfly ..


  8. This is a lovely read, Sreeja. As lovely as the butterfly itself. I am very fond of butterflies myself :)

  9. Not much of a poetess? Time to rethink that ;) this is beautiful :)

  10. You don't play with words but employed them to magical effect.That was a beautiful poem with a great message.Do write regularly in different forms of poetry.You will get addicted!!.

  11. Another amazing one. If only we could too live our lives that !!

  12. Beautiful poem!

  13. thats a beautiful poem! living in the moment is the most imp thing to remain happy and joyful and of course ever fluttering just like the vibrant butterfly :)

  14. With your 100 word ones, your ability to play around with words are seen in this poem...great writing.

  15. beautiful :) i blog at hope u like it ^_^


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