Tuesday 3 June 2014

The First Phone Call from Heaven : Mitch Albom - A Different take !

The new novel from best-selling author and Free Press columnist Mitch Albom, 'The First Phone Call From Heaven,' arrives in stores Tuesday.

Language : English
Author : Mitch Albom
Published by : Hachette Books
Year of Publication : 2013
ISBN : 9781847442260
Genre : Fiction

No, this isn’t a book review,
It’s just an attempt to show
A new book from my point of view,
And with all its literary glow.

So, I picked this brand new book up,
Which promised to make me believe;
I lapped it up like a hungry pup,
And wiped my lips on my sleeve :)

The books speaks of the voices from the dead,
That some residents of Coldwater receive;
Those voices send across a message to spread,
Even when the recipients grieve.....

Why do these voices choose to call,
And what and why do they seek to  convey,
The messages they speak out to one and all
And why all of them choose a Friday !

They’re happy in heaven, the voices say,
That’s a  place only for love,
Even when those who get the calls pray,
That this must be a sign from above.

The recipients take time to reveal to the world,
The secret about these calls from heaven,
Until one woman, spills it, being bold,
And confusion begins for the brethren…

There’s a young man ,who has lost his wife,
Whose young son wants to talk to mum ;
He thinks this a hoax, about the eternal life,
A temptation to which he will not succumb…

As non believers start moving to faith,
And throng the churches for the holy mass,
The protesters call it a display of wraith,
They say , this is an impasse’.

The young widower, Sully is his name,
Yearns to know and prove the truth;
The quest for this knowledge sets him aflame
And his desire is not easy to sooth !

How he goes ,the route he takes,
Is the beauty of the whole new game ;
Does what he learn soothe his aches,
Or does it put someone at blame ?

Is there really a life after death
That promises to return in some way ?
Or does it stop with the very last breath,
And the grief is for time to allay ?

These are the questions, we’ll find here,
With answers strewn across the text.     
The language fills you with pleasure, sheer
The pages turn unknowingly to next !

Is there a climax ,as is the normal rule ?
There sure is, as you’ll find out ;
What that is , and is it really cool
Is something I’m secretive about !

Mitch Albom, I needn’t speak of much,
He’s a wizard with words that enter deep ;
He weaves the story with such a human touch
That at times, the pages make you weep….

A book that makes you feel warm and good,
Its pages , worth a fine treasure…
How clear I feel in thoughts as I should,
Is not something I would measure !

So, here’s a book for you all to read,
Please do , and share with me your views…
I’m sure it’s a good choice to feed
Your soul, if you decide to choose !!

So, that's how I poetically reviewed a book :D I purchased my copy from Flipkart. The views are my own, not in any way paid and influenced only by my reading of the book . I managed to read this in three days, using the time that I travel to and from work, to the maximum. :D :D



  1. Oh I loved the book too...although it started dragging a bit towards the middle of the story. I loved Giselle's character. Apparently Mitch has at least one female character in all his books which represents the personality of his wife.
    I love the way you have summarized your views on the book in a poetic way...nice :)

    1. I expected you to have read this one, Vinodini, because you told me in my previous post that Albom is one of your favourites, too. Yes, Giselle is conspicuous , even though you don't get to see much of her. I didn't know the way he related his wife's character to his stories, though.
      Thanks for the nice words !

  2. i have never read mitch albom(yea, i know i know, that's a shame) but now i think it's high time to grab one of his books and maybe i'll start with this one.... u did a whole review in a poem? how cool is that!! u've set a unique standard in doing reviews!! beautifully done... will read and get back....btw, blog a ton is on 8th, hope ur in?

    1. Yeah, you must, Titli. You'll love it. Sure :)
      Thanks a lot, I just tried it out . Happy that it came out well.... :)
      Yup...I wasn't in till this morning, but now I am :P

  3. A different take!
    Let me see if it is true!!

    1. Different take from my side :D Pls do read the book, Ajithetta :)

  4. What a splendid way to review a book....very creative and loved the poetic flow! Not read this one till now, but Mitch Albom is a favorite!

    1. Yup, I know you like him ! :) Thanks a lot, Aditi :)

  5. What a unique way of critiquing a book! This is truly first of its kind review :). Splendid !

    1. Welcome to my blog, Prateek !
      Thanks a lot for the nice words !!

  6. Now that is a different way of telling about a book, this is First..
    Loved the poem and now your way have made the book seem so very interesting ..


    1. Haha :) Thanks, B :) Do read the book na :)

    2. yes mam will have a look for sure :)


  7. Sreeja, I am just amazed at this one. Book review in the form of poetry??? Awesome is the word for this one. I am sure sure going to pick this up. You are turning out to be a amazing poetess. Where were you hiding till now??

  8. what a cool review! I have never seen such a creative book review :)

    i read Albom's '5 people you will meet in heaven' and could not even complete it for I found it boring :P
    he always writes about death and after life and all that.

  9. I read Mitch Albom's books a few years back, found him quite good.
    You've reviewed in a unique way!


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