Sunday 11 August 2013

A promise to myself :) and the blog :)

It's been ages since the last post.

That was about '10 life's lessons learnt from dad ', written as a part of Parentous prompt.

Of late, I have been reading many blogs.

It is like a chain, you see. There are some awesome blogs and websites which I check for updates on a regular basis. I open one of them , read it and it links me to another blog ; before I even know, I am hooked on to another page and soon there's a list of wonderful pages on the blogosphere which I am sure I would regularly check for updates. And the best part, the list gets updated everyday as I discover new pages !

I also got to know about the challenges like the UBC or the prompts given by WriteUpcafe.

Its so enriching to get to know the fellow bloggers and read them. Inspiring, to be precise.

Inspiration ! Yes, that is it !

That is what we need when we know we are running a challenging race, and need to arrive at the destination in style.

Being inspired may be easy; an external force can help us. But staying inspired....ah, well.... it is difficult for me ; in some situations at least !!

Sometimes, inspiration isn't like a one-shot immunity injection, which , once administered shall serve a life-time of its purpose. It is like food :) I need regular replenishment to keep myself energised :)
It could be anything - a word of appreciation, a sense of recognition, a nice talk with a positive friend, a strong cup of coffee that makes you feel you are in heaven :) ,  a bar of chocolate, a scoop of ice cream, or even the greater ones like the blogs which I earlier mentioned :) :)

Coming back to what I was saying, yes, it has been ages since the last post on my blog. And yes, of course, the lack of inspiration was what kept me back.

I just wrote the previous post and forgot my blog ( Yeah, not a nice thing to do, I know).

However, the journey across the terrains of the blogosphere has opened my eyes to the truth.
There's so much happening and I have missed all that !! :(

I need to update my blog regularly and create a wider audience.

Yes, so, my blog hereby stands rejuvenated !!

Till the next post, Au revoir !!

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