Wednesday 21 August 2013

Harry Potter Festival - Post 3 : Humour :)

Well, J K Rowling really does weave magic with her words.

But interwoven in the tapestry of the story is humour, I am sure any HP fan would agree. And that is mainly because Harry is a 'child-growing-into-an-adult' in the major part of the series. Children have the uncanny ability to see humour where most of us don't. Harry was a kid too. He looked at life from a child's angle, even when he had much more responsilibility than an adult to fulfill. His observation of his student life is punctuated with humorous references to many instances of his past life ; his interaction with his friends, teachers and enemies carries a generous dose of humour if we know where to look and whose conversations to follow.

This is the case with the other characters too. Fred and George top this list with their seemingly easy pranks, that you are left wondering, " why did I not think of it before?? " :P Then Ron, who is at times even wittier than the twins themselves ( remember how he teases Hermione about her S.P.E.W ?). Hagrid, with his innocent remarks creates ripples ! Many a time you find a smile on your face while reading about Professor Minerva and Professor Snape. And how can I forget Peeves ?

I don't want to quote any particular instance, because it would be impossible for me to choose the best of all. All that I would say is that all through the series, many instances have left their indelible mark on us with the hidden humour ; it is not like they made you laugh out loud; just that you would find youself smiling when you think of the seemingly unimportant conversation, because now you know it wasn't unimportant at all :)

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