Tuesday 20 August 2013

Harry Potter Festival - Post 2 : What being a Harry Potter Fan means to me.....

So, the Harry Potter Festival is going strong, and here I am with my second post.

Now the world belongs to us - the self proclaimed Harry fans.

Harry is one true hero, without the 'hero'ishness, if you get what I mean. He isn't like our superheroes, who shout in the over-rated 'bollywood ishtyle' that he would avenge the death of his parents. He is a simple and down-to-earth and just like another boy next door, who would love to play the same pranks, who would show faces when he is told off. I mean, he's just like any other guy we see.

But he is different, because he is a wizard. He can woo you with his magic. Not extraordinary stuff, but the common magic. Not the dark one, but the serene one which comes as a silvery wisp of light and leads you to wonderful realms of an unexplored world.

There's this piece of conversation where Scrimgeour asks Harry, " Through and through Dumbledore's man, aren't you? ", to which Harry replies in the affirmative with a vehemence. Being a Harry Fan means being through and through Harry's man or woman.

When I explored my thoughts to analyse what being a Harry fan means to me, I got to know that , being a Harry Fan means.........
....  waking up on July 31st and exclaiming with happiness, " Yey yey !! I need to wish Harry ! Its his B'day"...
....  looking at your cup of milk which you detest as if it's a bottle full of potions...
....  hunting for owls at night and feeding them mice :P :P
....  realising that pumpkin juice can be better that pepsi or coke or coffee, any day
....  hoping that the table would clear itself  after every meal so that you don't have the trouble of cleaning up :)
.... eyeing a frog and wondering if there's any way it could become chocolatey ;) ;) ;)
.... wondering why not to use the broom to fly away from the patience-testing traffic :)
.... thinking of dobby every time you spot a pillow case :)
.... mistaking mom's roti rolling pin for a wand :P :P
.... naming your books 'arithmancy' instead of 'arithmetic' :P
.... imagining that every other spider is 'aragog' and screaming in your sleep :D
.... clutching your head when you suffer from headache and wondering if you do have a secret Voldemort to fear :) 
Jokes apart, Harry to me , as I said earlier, is a genuine hero. I say genuine, because he's as human as he can be.

Being Harry's fan means.........

.....being able to love yourself, your past and your present with a pinch of salt !
.....being able to be yourself to those who love you without any facade whatsoever !
.....being able to accept losses ( not all of us are adept at that ! )
.....being there for friends, whoever they are, wherever they are and in whatever situation they are
.....being able to view the philosophical side of life and thinking, "what makes me think that if it is happening in my head, then it is not real ?? "
.....being able to fight for a cause with all sense of responsibility , and never resting till it ends.
.....being able to choose the right over the wrong, the good over the evil, the divine over the inglorious, the truth over falsehood
.....being able to accept that one is human, after all !!

Well, the list is endless. The more we read the book, the more we capture the messages woven into the literary fabric.

Harry didn't come just to entertain. He came with a hoard of messages :)
And humour.

And more about the humour which tingled me, in the next post :)

This post is written as a part of Harry Potter Festival
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