Sunday 25 August 2013

Harry Potter Festival - Post 5 : Things from the Wizarding World which I would like to have :)

The Harry guy is still around, enthralling us all with his adventurous life and making us long to be a part of the Wizarding World. Apart from Harry's heroic yet ordinary life and Old Voldy's captivating ( yes, of course, he is captivating in his own way ) presence and the 'sound-so-familiar' student scenarios at Hogwarts, what fascinates us all is the ease of life in the wizarding world.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could use the Owls for sending letters and parcels ? How fun would it be, if we flew on brooms to school ? :-P Or visited friends through the floo network ? We shall surely love eating chocolate frogs for a dessert. A visit to Hogsmeade wouldn't be bad either. The Weasley's Wizard Wheezes would be a perfect place for a hang-out. And imagine shopping for your books and stuff at Diagon Alley !! :-P :-)

There are some personal favourite things which I would love to have as Sovereigns, though.

The Wand :
Forgot your keys ? ' Alohomora' - and your door is open !
Afraid of the dark ? ' Lumos' - and here's a bright light !
Afraid that the teacher would catch you talking ? ' Muffliato' :-P
Don't want to get wet ? ' Impervius' :-)
Need I explain further ?

The Pensieve - It is a big silver basin which stores memories and allows you to visit them. Not just yours, anyone's, for that matter. You could use your wand to draw out any memory you want in long silver strands and store them in a glass vial or something, and when you need to revisit that, open the vial and pour the contents to the pensieve and peer at it till the tip of your nose touches it and Voila ! you are sucked into the memory. What's more, you can watch your own memory from the third eye :-)
We all have many many memories which we don't want to carry....why not make use of the pensieve for that. Store all your wanted or unwanted memories in vials and revisit them in the Pensieve :-) and keep your sanity !

The Invisibility Cloak - yeah, use the cloak to sneak into the kitchen at night for that extra scoop of the ice-cream. Or wear the cloak and go to school, and see what the class looks like when you are absent :-P or frighten your friends :-] or gift it to a journalist friend of yours to help him/ her chase good stories :-)
Endless possibilities, indeed !!

Remembrall - well, howmuchever blessed I am with a good memory, it will not be harmful at all to have a rememebrall handy :-) I can never say when I will forget something and a small tennis sized ball turning red when I hold it tight is a good guide ;-)

Molly's Family  Clock - Wow ! The first time I read of this, I went wooooow !! Fancy having a clock like that home, with each of the members being assigned a place on it showing their whereabouts. For one thing, this is highly useful, because people at home will know if you are late from work or school and needn't worry then. But then, it shall make sure that you don't lie . Think of the society now, no one is safe on the streets, so a clock which points to ' mortal peril' on sensing the possible danger that you are in, is indeed a value addition to any home :-)

Two way mirrors - aah ! So I have one piece, my friend has another , and we communicate. Nice, no? Or my hubby is away,  we need to talk every day, we are wary of  humongous mobile bills, so we opt for the two-way mirror. What say ?

Well, I could do with some floo powder as well.
And a couple of decoy detonators.
And a pack of ton tongue toffees for miscreants.
And a set of extendable ears.
And a quick quotes quill.
And of course, the Marauders' Map.

Not a long, bad list, is it ? :-) :-P :-D

This post is a part of the Harry Potter Festival.
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