Thursday 22 August 2013

Harry Potter - Post 4 : The Best Characters in the Series

Homenum Revelio !

All the characters that feature in the Harry Potter series are superb, mainly because their super-heroism is limited to their knowledge of witchcraft or wizardry. Beneath that, they are just humans ; wonderful inhabitants of the Wizard world who are as curious about us , the less fortunate Muggles as we are about them.

We all have our personal favourites, don't we ? Apart from Harry, that is !
Harry 's name goes without saying. Anyone who diligently read the series would fall in love with him.
We have known him as a kid, as a teenager, as an adult. We can't help loving him for what he is and for what he is not :)

It is often the choice of the best from the rest that poses a challenge, because we wouldn't know who has to be picked and who be dropped, why so and what not...

Yet, we all do, at some point of time during our journey through the books, love some people more and some people less. Or realise that we shouldn't have judged him or her before a thorough understanding.

I pick five of my secret favourites :-)

The most lovable person, I feel, is Albus Dumbledore.
The tall, blue-eyed, long bearded, half-moon spectacled, every-flavour beans-loving Headmaster of Hogwarts.The one man in whose hands the reigns of the school are the safest. The one man who loves all alike, who sees through all facades,who learns from his past, who admits that he can commit mistakes, who was hailed by all as the only wizard Old Voldy was afraid of !!

The next one for me is Severus Snape.
Yes, you heard me right.
 The half-blood who loves Lily. The Potions Professor who detests Harry ( a feeling which Harry reciprocates) . The long haired boy who is often teased by James and his gang for no fault of his. The patient lover, who safeguards his love for Lily in his heart and lets the protection extend to Lily's only son because of his love for her. The accomplished Legilimens, who works as an ally to the Dark Lord, all the while being faithful to Dumbledore. The one person who actually turns the story around.

Then comes Hermione Granger.
First because she's a bookworm ( like I had been). Her hand bobbing up and down is just a sign of her enthusiasm and eagerness to give the correct answer and win points for her house. She keeps her head when required. She foresees danger in many instances, and is often always the first one to offer Harry some solid advice. She goes to the extent of modifying her parents' memories for the safety of all linked to them. And her bushy mane of hair :-P 100 Marks for that :-D

Then of course, Ron.
The red-haired, freckled and lanky guy who befriends Harry on their first journey to Hogwarts. Who stays by him despite a couple of good fights and ego clashes ( even the best of friends fight at times , so fair enough :-P ). Who is Harry's conscience keeper most of the time ( I say this because Harry does hide certain things from him, like his first crush on Ginny). Who becomes a life-saver at the most crucial moments in Harry's life :-)

And yes, before I forget, Molly Weasley.
Ron's mom and a motherly figure for Harry. The ever-so-cute matriarch of the Weasley family. A strong woman, and a unique blend of sense and non-sense :-) The way she mothers over Harry throughout the series, the way she takes on Bellatrix Lestrange and polishes her off ( and co-incidentally, pays Bella in her own coin, by finishing her off the way she killed Sirius)...her cheeky stories of romance with Arthur - all this and much more make her a lovable mom :-)

Luna, Neville, Fred and George, Bill, Hagrid, all come along....

Naaa..............I don't think I am going to stop with 5 ;-)

May be another post :-) :-)

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