Tuesday 3 September 2013

7 Series - Post 2 : The VIBGYOR of Life :)

So, the Write Tribe Festival of Words with '7' as the theme is going strong, and I am taking part from outside the group as I had missed out on the registration deadline. I was thinking seriously as to what I should post next  after that first post on my new found love, Blogging, when I dropped in to one of the philosophical moods of thoughts.
And hey ! As I thought deeper and deeper with my limited knowledge of life to guide me, I was pulled into a web of ideas....aren't we all philosophical some times ? And many of us, most of the time ? Don't we all want to live life to the fullest, achieve the best we can , be as happy as we can be , spread as much warmth as we are able to ? Will anyone of us deliberately choose sorrow and despair over their negative counterparts ? As all these thoughts invaded my mind, a concept emerged clear.

And that, is today's post.

The VIBGYOR of life ;-)

Here we go :

Virtuousness :                        
Following the virtues we learn in life takes us a long way.
We are all taught some basic morals in life, which we may overlook, as time passes by. But I am sure they are latent in us. Always. All that we need is just dig inside. Underneath the parched surface would surely be the soothing flow of our own values, which are enough to guide us through , till the end :-)

Integrity : 
We are all honest :-) Come on, we like to believe we are, don't we ?  Even if we tend to give in to the temptation of lying at times to save the neck, or to maintain a 'knowing silence', we are all honest in essence. That's how we have been created and moulded ( exceptions apart :-) ). But integrity is a greater concept. 'Honesty is ,what you are when you know the world watches you ; Integrity is your honesty when you know you aren't being watched ' :-)
Well, that explains it.
 Some thing which we all can practice in life to gain the ends ! I definitely need to practice ! ( See, I am already practising it by admitting it :-P )

Benevolence : 
Good begets good. Benevolence needn't just be an act of kindness or charity or anything to do with material contribution. I personally feel , what matters is the heart to do good, and to spend something which you deem important, on someone else. Say, for example, your time. By spending some time with your loved ones, or lending your ears to the problems which your friends have to share with you, you are actually bestowing them with something important to you, which you may never get replaced. You are being benevolent here. And strengthening your relationships as a reward to yourself. Again , GIGO. Good in, Good out ! :-)

And see this image !
How 'Love' is so much a part of benevolence. From one perspective, I feel it as a return gift ;-)
Benevolence flows from you to others, and this makes Love flow from them to you !
Wonderful, right ?

Gentleness :
Needless to elucidate. When we meet people, we generally expect them to be soft spoken and gentle. That's the reason why we aren't sure of the results of some meetings; we are apprehensive about whether our expectation of them would actually match their behaviour to us. Gentleness is a virtue we all would love to possess :-)

This is what even the scriptures say .
Again, something which I have to definitely follow :-)

Youthfulness :
Of course, we all pass through this phase of life in its physical sense,as in age. But here, I am speaking more about the emotional state of being. We can always try to cultivate and maintain a youthful temperament. While acknowledging that we get older and older as the days pass by, we need to keep up the spirit of the young in us :-) To maintain the youthful exuberance, to keep alive child-like enthusiasm and to take on life with all energy, is all a gift !

G B Shaw, one of the famous pens who influenced the world with his words wrote, ' People don't stop playing because they grow old; they grow old because they stop playing ' :-)
So true !
Let's revitalize ourselves and stay young in heart throughout life :-)

Organised Approach : 
Well, the first thing that 'O' brings to mind is optimism, but I am taking a different path here by being organised. Having an organised approach in life, is more often than not, a satisfying experience. Being organised helps us in all walks of life. Weren't we all advised to do learn our portions daily, at school ? Weren't we asked to follow a time table ? We all have been at the receiving ends more than one time for not having kept a clean desk or table or room. And how many of us can now work in a cluttered kitchen or a messed up work desk ? And how many times have we tried recollecting something from the deep vaults of our mind, where there is a mayhem of thoughts falling on top of each other ? Yes, let's organise our daily life. And wait for results :)

Yes, so much to think of and plan !

Realistic Outlook :
Realistic approach is a balance of optimism and pessimism. Optimism is being way too positive, in some cases to the extreme, that a negative result can never be accepted. Pessimism is being way too negative, that a positive outcome isn't pictured. Realistic outlook helps here.
Being a realist means, expecting the positives, accepting that there might be hindrances in the path and doing the best to avert them or to reduce their intensity.
It is more about taking an effort to bring a positive outcome and accept one's failures.
  At the end of it, we are happy that we tried !

That's my Take 7 on life ;) What's yours ?

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  1. A wonderful take on VIBGYOR. These values represent our highest priorities and deeply held driving forces... they are so very vital for living life to the fullest.
    Loved the Love in Benevolence. Thanks for sharing :)
    PS : You must remove the word verification from the comment section. It is very painful :)

    1. Hi Shilpa ,

      Thanks a lot for the wonderful words ! I know you are a seasoned blogger and words like this from someone like you sure give a boost to newbies like me...Thanks a lot.
      Yeah will remove the word verification :) Thanks for telling me :)


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