Saturday 7 September 2013

A Diamond for you !

Have you heard of the Diamante ? :-)

It is a poem of 7 lines, with the text forming the shape of a diamond. It begins with the subject in single word in the first line, and ends with a contrasting subject in the last line. The five lines in between follow a certain pattern with respect to grammar. More about this can be learnt here.

The Write Tribe Festival of Words with Theme '7' ends this day, and I thought of winding up my side of the challenge with my own Diamante .

A Diamante for me and you.

                                                    gregarious, friendly,
                                               reading, writing, commenting,
                                           blogs,  articles,  friends,  networks,
                                                meeting, chatting, befriending,
                                                   sweet, warmhearted,

This is a diamante debut ;)


  1. I have come across a lot of shape poems but, this concept was very new to me. So I just learnt something new today, thanks to you.
    This is something very brilliant and I guess, takes an amount of talent to write.
    I liked yours. Pretty simple, few words but, tells a lot about you and your life.

  2. Is there a way I could follow you or subscribe to you so that I get a notification every time you post something?

    1. Hi dhara :)

      Nice meeting you again :)
      I am pretty much new to blogging, and am still learning the nuances. Shall surely let you know once I figure out something on this. Or if you know something that I can do, please let me know too :)
      Cheers !

    2. When you go to your blog design, click on Layout > Add a gadget. There would be something called 'More gadget' on the left. When you click there, at the end would be a 'followers' gadget. Add that. And you can move around where you want, on the layout. This way people can follow your blog and can see your post every time you update it on the home page. People are hesitant to give away email addresses sometimes. So this is helpful.
      Plus, it's a nice way to keep a track of your blog's growth.
      Nice meeting you too.

  3. Have seen and read shape poetry but a Diamante is a first one for me. Your debut Diamante looks good.Thanks... learnt a new form of writing today! :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Shilpaji :-)
      my introduction to Diamante was also accidental :-)

  4. I never heard of a Diamante before. Looks very interesting. Your choice of words for this poem is cool.

    1. Thanks SG :-)
      And Welcome here :-) nice meeting you.

  5. I learnt something new today, thanks to you.
    Your Diamante Debut is impressive!


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