Sunday 1 September 2013

So much to think; how to put it in ink ?

That was a week-long fun with Harry Potter.
So now, time to go back to the usual 'I-am-trying-to-think-seriously' mode.

Think, I do.

Thoughts are crazy things, you know. Crazy beings, rather. I say beings, because I feel thoughts have a life of their own. You don't know where they come from or what route they are going to take next. Sometimes, you never know when the thought germinated in your brain, what made you think that, why at all are you thinking that when you have something much more interesting to think about ; yet there are times when you enter a train of thought deliberately with an intention to either put it in words or to talk about it to someone else or to simply engage your ' looking-for-exercise' brain. Either way, the thoughts have an identity of their own and they feed and grow among themselves.

Why am I writing all this now ?
Because, I think a lot.
Good, bad, intelligent, stupid, positive, negative, spiritual , agnostic.
Or , everything.
But something or the other every time.

I often find that I am not able to come back to what triggered the thought process. Its like my thoughts have lots of hyperlinks. Each thought takes me to a new horizon each time. And by the time, I attempt a come-back, I find much to my chagrin that that particular page of thought has been closed down and the 'memory refresh' button doesn't seem to work either !!

And the end result ? A clogged and confused brain, with bits and pieces of thoughts and memories strewn around , obviously lacking clarity. This seems to go on for days. Often, I find that my routine life is not affected by this at all. I can still think clearly about the household chores, my job, my menu for lunch and dinner and the mundane tasks that make up a day. It is just my creative process that bears the brunt.

Yet, I know that after this period of 'lull and mull' as I term it, comes a phase that's so refreshingly creative.

Just as grapes churn out the best wine after a period of fermentation, my thoughts, which till now played across my mind and wreaked havoc with my creativity , flow out as words.

And to capture that, is this blog's purpose :-)

I share here a wonderful quote that I read the other day .

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. ― Plutarch

Yes, instead of filling our minds with mindless thoughts, why don't we just let the spirit within be kindled ?
the sweet spirit of imagination
the spicy spirit of life
the fierce spirit of ambition
the lovely spirit of liveliness
the fragrant spirit of positivism
the refreshing spirit of devotion

Please do think :-)


  1. :-) Thanks for visiting my blog, Sreeja.

    I enjoyed your post - and I often experience a roller-coaster ride in my train of thought, forgetting what triggered it in the first place!

    Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Hi Vidya,

      Really, so happy to see you here :-) romba romba santhosham :)
      Just now saw the reply you have given for my comment on your '7 powerful words ' :-)
      Super happy ! Thanks :)
      Pls do visit and help me enrich my blogging experience!

      Yeah, a sunday, me here at my office. We are working on sundays in the UAE :)

  2. and such is the habit of brain, my dear. :)

    A nice random post. :)

    1. Thanks a lor, dear :)
      Yes, brain has a brain of its own :)


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