Wednesday 4 September 2013

A thought to cherish, and follow !

I was reminded of this quote I read somewhere.

Sincere Soulful Service, Secures Supreme Soaring Success !!

7 Words.
Each of 7 letters.
And beginning with the same alphabet as 7 :-D :-D

Any activity, done with passion,dedication, and sincerity,results in superb success , sooner or later !

A very simple concept , which I thought of sharing as a part of 'Theme 7' for the Write Tribe Festival of Words!


  1. Wow! The 7 Ss... this so beautiful. Must remember to use this sometimes in my training program. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks :) Yes, please do :)
    This quote is a modified version of what is written on every certificate that I have received from one of the schools I was a student of. :)

  3. oh perfect! no, i shold say.."S"uperb!! if the theme had been 8, i'd have added, "selfless"
    Sincere Soulful Selfless Service, Secures Supreme Soaring Success !!

    1. Hi Titli,

      yeah that woud have been perfect :-)Nice thought :-)
      cheers ! :-)


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