Thursday 19 September 2013

100 Words on Saturday - Truly Alive !

This wonderful writing exercise at Write Tribe requires us to post any creative literary piece of work in exactly 100 words. This week's Prompt is ' Truly Alive'.


He  stood near Dr Uma, as she asked Pooja to open her eyes slowly.
They would now know, whether the transplantation was a success.
She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him, her eyes shining.
Her gaze moved to the wheel chair next to him, to the woman who was about her mother’s age.

Her lips quivered, as she looked at the little girl.
‘ My son, my child’, she whispered.

‘Are you, his….?’, Pooja asked them, her voice excited.
They nodded, their smiles masking the flow of tears.

Their son was truly alive ,in those deep, lovely eyes!

This is my debut at 100 Words on Saturday. Looking forward to participating more and more :-)

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

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  1. That was a sweet story. Eye-donation is really one of the best charitable things.


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