Saturday, 11 April 2015

Post # 10. Just the friend in need...... #atozchallenge

A week had passed since the dinner date, and  Roshni could see that her friend was disturbed, even though she denied it and tried to act normal.

"She's not been herself since that evening at Fusion," she said  to herself as she prepared dinner one evening. She was making rotis, and egg bhurji to go with it. Shreyasi had informed her that she would be late, as she had received an extra case that day.

It was time for the daily news bulletin , so she switched on the TV, and sat on the sofa, with a tall glass of fresh Mango milkshake that she had prepared that evening, having finished her work in the kitchen.

 She smiled as she thought of the very few occasions when they had bunked the classes to visit the ice cream parlour near  their college, which served amazingly sweet milkshake. That had been Shreyasi's favourite.

Those were the very few moments, when Shreyasi let loose her mask of seriousness.

At college, she was more of a silent girl. Everyone liked her, because she tried to help them in whichever way she could; it was hard not to like her beautiful smile.

Her gentle behaviour won her many admirers, though she never took any  of them seriously.

The simple, humble, girl , who never bothered to line her eyes with kohl, or visit the beauty parlour to get herself a new haircut.
Always clad in simple, neat clothes, which never boasted of fashion,

She laughed a lot, sang in her soulful voice and recited English Poetry in perfect diction.

Her recital of 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes had won her the 'Literary Queen ' Award , when she had tied with another student Zoya in the rest of the literary competitions.

Her friends respected her for her qualities, more than her beauty.

Because they knew, that being orphaned at six, and having to spend one's life in an orphanage wasn't an easy thing to handle.

Roshni had always been her best friend, though. She knew her in and out, and could sense her impulses.

She owed her life to Shreyasi.

Shreyasi was the one who had saved her , the day she met with a life threatening accident, by taking the initiative to take her to the hospital from the site of the accident, and donating blood.

Her blood now flowed in Roshni's veins. In a way, they were related by blood !

That incident had given birth to their friendship, which had been strong since then.

Three years of Graduation, and two years of Post Graduation flew away at an astonishing speed, and when they parted, everyone expected Shreyasi to enter the Civil Services, because she had the calibre.

Roshni had flown to Calcutta, where her dad was working then. She had remained in touch with Shreyasi over emails, and occasional phone calls.

And two years later, one evening, she had opened her door to find Shreyasi before her.

Tired, and broken.

A sudden ring of the calling bell broke her reverie.

She opened the door to let Shreyasi in.

"Have a quick bath and come fast, I've made your favourite egg bhurji for dinner, " she said, as Shreyasi smiled and went into her room.

Just because of the day, you brought me back,
Without letting me rot to black...

Just for the moment we turned friends,
To remain the same till the world ends....

Just for these years we've spent together,
And stayed happy, as light as a feather...

Just for all these memories, my dearest,
I'm sure, in the end , you'll receive the best !

To be contd....


This post has been written for the A to Z Challenge 2015.

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