Wednesday 8 April 2015

Post # 7 . Green Signal, is it time yet ? #atozchallenge

Aagney came to pick her up at 6 p.m. sharp. 

Shreyasi was dressed in a Green Salwar, that hugged her body like  skin.  She hadn’t thought much about the attire, but Roshni had insisted.

“ You’re meeting him after a long time, Shreya. Dressing up a little would do no harm, would it ? And anyway you’ll be dressed in your uniform all day. Surely, you don’t want to go dining in your white overalls, do you ? Just take a few minutes after your work, and change into something colourful”, she’d said  when Shreyasi didn’t answer her query about the dress she was planning to wear.

And Roshni herself had chosen the Green Salwar with a Sequined Dupatta for her .

Her shoulder-length wavy hair brushed well, and a small bindi adorning her forehead, Shreyasi was ready in a few minutes after her shift got over.

“You look good,” Aagney said, when she got seated next to him in the car. She smiled at him, and adjusted her seat belt.

“So, off we go”, he said , driving out of the Clinic premises on to the main road.

“ Why don’t you speak to me, Shrey ? Have I become so much of a stranger for you ?", he asked her, when, even after ten full  minutes into the drive, she remained silent.

“ There’s nothing like that, Aagney. All this is happening so fast. I’m finding it a little difficult to believe”, she said, turning her face to look at him.

You have no idea, Aagney. You don’t know how much I want to say.

“ I know, Shrey. I know how difficult it is. I’m grateful that I met you again. I’m happy for that,” he said.

She just looked at him, and kept quiet. A faint smile began to play on her lips.

 “ You’re fine with this dinner, aren’t you?”, he asked, his tone not masking his hesitation.

“ Well, you didn’t actually give me a choice, did you?”, she asked, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

“ Oh ! No, I didn’t. I’ve been confused ever since I saw you. Everything came to haunt me back, Shrey. I’ve always wanted your company, and you know that. I didn’t think you’d deny me the pleasure”, he said, sounding apologetic.

She chuckled. “It’s fine, Aagney. Just teasing you,” she said.

When have I been given a choice ?

“Here we are, Shrey. Fusion, one of the best restaurants here. I’ve booked the seats for us”, he said, as  he stopped the car at the entrance. They got out of the car , and he handed over the car key  for Valet Parking Services, and gave them his visiting card.

The private cubicle which he had booked for them was well lit, with enough space for four.  There were tiny perfumed candles in glass chandeliers on a table inside. Once seated and comfortable, they got the menu card.

“ What would you like to have, Shrey?”, he asked her.

“ It’s your call, Aagney. I’m fine with anything”, she said.

He looked at her for a few seconds before placing the order.

“The food is good here, Shrey. Awesome. We have our corporate parties here usually,” he said, trying to continue the conversation.

“Seems a good place to me too. Nice to know you’re doing well,” she answered.

“Destiny,I guess”, he said.

“What is it that you wanted to talk to me about, Aagney ?”, she asked, after the waiter had brought them the starters.

“Shrey, there’s nothing much that you don’t know. I’ve been lonely all this while. With no one to turn to. With so much that had happened. Back then, I was so strong headed. So immature,” he said, his voice faltering.

“ That’s not an excuse for running away at that time, Aagney”.

Shreyasi had spoken before she could check herself.

“ I didn’t run away, Shrey.  I was forced to.  I’d had no other option. I couldn’t resist authority then”, he said, his eyes pleading.

She remained unmoved, though her eyes focused on him.

“ I want you to understand, Shrey. Please. I’m sure you will”, he said, taking her fingers in his.

Shreyasi looked at him for a long minute.

Inner turmoils, I’ll deal with you later.

And then she smiled. 

“I’m sure I will, Aagney. I’d like to, rather. Though, it’s a long way to go ,” she said, squeezing his hand.

“Thank you, for the Green Signal, Shrey”, he spoke softly.

Glimpses of the past, dance before the eyes
Clear as they are, not in disguise

Goodbye to those old days is a tough task
Though, it shall never be much to ask

Going with the flow of time, sure, is the best
Let’s be warm and cozy in our sweet nest

Gates of love and happiness  always remain open,
Enter the heaven, don't wait for the omen !

To be contd....


This post has been written for the A to Z Challenge 2015.


  1. Love the way you end the posts with a poem. You are an excellent story teller, Sreeja. :)

  2. ശ്രേയസിയും ആഗ്നേയും നല്ല കഥപാത്രങ്ങളാണ്. ശ്രീജ നന്നായി എഴുതുന്നു

  3. Another superb one. Waiting for the next. Cheers!
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*


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