Thursday 26 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 1)

Daisy looked at her reflection on the mirror.

Dressed in a figure-fitting White Salwar Kameez, waist-length wavy hair let loose, and absolutely no make-up except for the faint lining of kohl on her eyes, she looked pretty.

Richard’s family was coming to see her.

She cringed as she thought of her conversation with her mom early that morning. Daisy had spoken against getting married now,  when Isabella had told her about their visit. But Isabella had convinced her to meet the family , promising her that she wouldn’t be asked to commit to the relationship without her consent. Reluctantly, Daisy had agreed to be ready to meet them in the evening.

Daisy had met Richard three years ago at an informal get-together of families in the diocese. She knew he was a nice guy, devoted to his family and well educated.  He was  handsome too.

“Except for his beard. I hate that unclean stubble”, she thought to herself now, as she adjusted her dupatta.

Some noise at the gates caught her attention ,and through the bedroom window, she saw a car being parked. A pretty lady, dressed in a green sari got out of the backseat and Daisy recognised her as Lizzy, Richard’s mother.

She heard Isabella open the door and squeals of laughter filling the drawing room.

A few minutes later, Isabella called out to her,“ Daisy, dear, please come here. All are waiting for you.”

Daisy dutifully carried the tray of tea, cakes and biscuits as was customary. Greeting Lizzy politely, she served her tea. As she poured the next cup of tea, she was instinctively aware of Richard’s eyes gazing at her.
As she handed him his cup of tea, she looked at him.

Looking at her with a naughty glint were two deep smiling eyes.

To be contd....

I am writing in response to Jyotsna's Tag.

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  1. Very interesting story!! Curious to know Daisy's reaction.

  2. i hope he's cleaned off his stubble this time....!

    1. He doesn't yet know her dislike for the stubble :D

  3. Waiting to see how he looks...Will come back to find out. I tagged you here,hope you will respond. ADOLESCENCE

    1. Thanks for the tag :) Accepted. And he looks...hmm...

  4. Thankyou Sreeja for responding to my tab.. By the way, I would love to know what happens next :)

  5. Now this is going to be interesting Sreeja! :) :)


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