Sunday 29 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 5)

Contd from : She blushed. Now, was this love ?

“Shall we walk out to the garden ? Can’t talk here”, Richard looked at her , expectation evident in his bright eyes.

Daisy nodded .They walked to the lawns outside and found a bench.

“ Hey, you’re in the choir for Christmas, right ? I’m playing the Guitar this time,” Richard said.

Daisy smiled and nodded a yes. Sweet butterflies began fluttering around in her stomach as she looked at his smiling eyes.

“ Are you always so silent ? I thought you loved to talk. But you didn’t talk when I came to meet you yesterday. Today also, I’m talking and you’re silent. Anything wrong, Daisy?”, he was serious.

Daisy nodded her head in the negative. She wanted to talk to him, so much and much more. But she was now a shy doe.

“ You know, I wanted to talk to you yesterday. Confess something serious .But there wasn’t a chance. I was secretly hoping to catch you after Mass this evening”, Richard spoke softly.

The butterflies in her stomach gained excitement.

“Remember that family party?  That was the day I lost my heart to you. Back then, I didn’t even know whether I’d see you after that, because I was leaving for London the next day.When I was back, I was very happy when my mom said she’d love you for a daughter-in-law.” Richard spoke with a confident softness.

Daisy looked at him, surprised at the sudden revelation, but said nothing.

“No worries, I can perfectly understand if you reject my proposal. Please do count me as a friend, and please be frank with me.”

I hate that unclean stubble of yours”, Daisy couldn’t help blurting it out.

She bit her lip in apology as she saw the frown on Richard’s face.

To be contd.

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  1. The story is building up very beautifully. It has all the ingredients to attract the reader like love, emotions, curiosity and tenderness.

    1. Thanks a lot Usha Ma'm :) Hope Daisy blooms soon :)

  2. This is interesting Sreeja.. How many more? Bring it on.. Thanks for accepting the tag. I have tagged you here :)

    Someone is Special


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