Tuesday 31 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 9)

Contd from : “Not me, him”, Fr Gonzalvez said, pointing his finger to the area behind him.

Daisy and Richard looked at what he was pointing.

There, standing tall and looking at them all with kind, benevolent eyes was the statue of Jesus Christ.

The man with the stubble, who made life possible for the believers.

Daisy’s eyes widened in recognition as she saw what the priest meant.

Jesus indeed had a stubble. A clean one. How had she missed it all these years ?

She looked at Richard, who tried keeping a straight face, and then at Fr Gonzalvez, whose cheeks looked so full, like a cotton pod ready to pop open.

Daisy burst out laughing, Richard and Fr Gonzalvez joining her, much to the amusement of the crowd around.

There was a grand feast for the wedding, and as a token of their gratitude for all the good things in life, the couple sponsored a month’s meals at the orphanage attached to the Church.

And how could they ignore the Library which had actually bonded them  ?

They contributed to the renovation fund to reconstruct the building and to beautify the garden around it.

Isabella was the happiest soul on earth as she bade good bye to her lovely daughter.

That evening, when they had all their time to themselves, and a whole lifetime of love ahead of them, Richard told to Daisy, “ When our kids grow, I’ll tell them that I fell in love with their Mom’s pretty eyes and angelic smile.”

Daisy smiled, her eyes sparkling with love.

“And what would you tell them about their dad?”, he teased her.

She said, looking up at him with all the shyness of a new bride, “ I’ll tell them that his clean shaven look bowled me over.”

The air turned fragrant with love and happiness, for the daisy to bloom.


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  1. Thank you so much Sreeja for honouring the tag.. What a lovely tale you have woven.. By the way a very Happy New Year to you !! So Glad to have known somebody like you in this blogging journey.. Lots of love and hugs :)

    1. Wish you a HNY too :) Thanks a lot for the nice words dear ! Same here ! Nice to know you, as it is by sheer chance that I came to your blog :) Love and hugs :)

  2. Happy new year!!!
    and Now I am off to reading from phase 1

    1. Thanks a lot, Red Handed !! Welcome to my space !! :) Happy New year to you too !!

  3. Sreeja, i have to say this, this was beautifulllll!!!!!. i read it from part 1, waited actually :P, i hate incomplete stories, so waited for the all of em, and wowwww, its beautifulllllllllllll ... Im so glad i got to meet you through blogging, cz u r an amazing writer with loads of talent. Keep writingggg!!!... eager to read more from your end :)

    1. Oh My God * blushing blushing* You made my day, Tinu !! Thanks a lot for the feedback ! :)

  4. Sreeja this story is fabulous. I read the earlier parts but did not comment on all of them. You are a born story writer!

    1. Thank youuuu :) *blush blush* So happy when it comes from someone I respect a lot !!


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