Tuesday 31 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 7)

Contd from : Standing at the door  they had just walked out of, was a tall man.

They  smiled sheepishly at him as Daisy extracted her hands from Richard’s firm grip.

“How about the Holy Mass, now?”, Fr Gonzalvez asked, his eyes glinting merrily.

“Sure, Father.” Daisy said, as Richard gathered his books . They both followed him into the Church.

All through the Mass, the scene at the library lawn kept replaying in Daisy’s mind. She couldn’t believe that the guy she was confused about yesterday,  had become a close friend today, and would be her husband soon.

“I’ll tell mom tonight,” she thought, “ that his clean shaven look bowled me over”, and smiled to herself as she imagined Isabella’s happiness.

“So, I needn’t talk to you about Richard, need I , my child ? ” Fr Gonzalvez asked Daisy as he met her outside the Church after the Mass.

Daisy looked at him, half in wonder and half in confusion.

“Isabella had asked me to talk to you. To tell you how good the alliance was, how Jerome always fancied this when he was alive. She was afraid you would say No to this. So she asked me to advise you. After all, I’ve known you since your toddler days, haven’t I ?”, Fr Gonzalvez looked at her with kind eyes.

Daisy was surprised. Mom and her ways !

Fr.Gonzalvez placed his hands on her head, as if petting her. “ So happy for you, child. I’m sure Jerome would’ve been the happiest on earth had he been alive. You’ll be happy with Richard. Lizzy is a very good woman, she’ll be a mother to you too.”

Daisy thought of her dad. A lone tear escaped her eyes.

“ Thank you, Father”, she said as she took his hands and kissed them reverently.

“I’ve some more advice for you,” said the priest.

To be contd.

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