Monday 30 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 6)

Contd from : She bit her lip in apology as she saw the frown on Richard’s face.

Had he felt insulted ? She kicked herself mentally for being senseless.

Richard was thoughtful as he spoke, “ Daisy, this is a surprise. I know you wouldn’t say something so silly, if it weren’t important to you. Why does a stubble disturb you so much ? Especially when it can easily be removed ? I don’t have it now, either.

Daisy looked at his eyes and melted at the love emanating from his gaze.

“ It’s about my Dad, Richard. He was always our clean-shaven hero. A few days prior to his death, he turned weak and had to be hospitalised. His beard grew, and he couldn’t shave. One fine night, he left the world peacefully in his sleep.” She choked.

Richard took her hand and held it ,as she recovered.

“When he had to be readied for the coffin, Mom cried out , “ I hate that unclean stubble, doctor”. She couldn’t control her outburst. She then sought permission from the doctor and shaved off his beard. She fussed about it, insisting that he should be handsome in his grave too. He was our clean-shaven hero even in death.”

“ Ever since, a stubble has always made me uneasy. May be psychological,” Daisy’s eyes were moist now. 

Richard took her hands and held them firm.

“ I understand, Daisy. Sorry for having reminded you.”

“ It’s ok, I would have told you anyway”, she replied.

“So, will you allow me to be your clean shaven hero?”, Richard whispered in her ears.

Daisy blushed in a smile. The butterflies were back in action.

 Hello there,  May I  interrupt ? ”.

They turned their heads in the direction of the voice.

Standing at the door  they had just walked out of, was a tall man.


To be contd.

I am writing in response to  a tag by Someone is Special.

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  1. Hope this is going to be another fantastic series I am reading for P.A.S.S activity. Good luck to you :)

    1. Thanks, Sarav :) Thanks to your tags, the series is expanding like a mega serial :D

  2. I am hooked, Sreeja.

    By the way I tagged you here too..

    Hope you would be able to respond !


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