Friday 27 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 2)

Contd from : Looking at her with a naughty glint were two deep smiling eyes.

Daisy breathed a ‘hello’ as she handed over the cup of hot tea to Richard.

He hadn’t changed much, she judged. The very same boyish face, endearing smile, manners charming enough to sweep any girl off her feet. 

And the very same stubble. Sigh….

Richard smiled warmly as he took the cup of tea from Daisy. He was mesmerized by her kohl- lined eyes. She bashfully avoided looking at him; her eyes were dancing playfully with a kind of reserved shyness.

It wasn’t surprising that he was smitten by this pretty damsel before him, now politely answering his mom’s questions about her studies and life in general. Needless to say, he was disappointed when she lowered her eyes and went inside with the tray, politely excusing herself.

“ Hey, we’ll get going, Bella. I need to meet Fr.Gonzalvez to speak about the upcoming Christmas Celebrations”, Lizzy rose from her seat after a chat and hugged Bella.“Your daughter’s an angel, Bella. I want her as my son’s bride. Hope this ice-breaker works out,” she whispered.

 Daisy was washing dishes in the kitchen when Bella came in after seeing them off. She went near her and placed her hand on her shoulders. Daisy turned to face her with a knowing look.

“So, all fine, dear?”, Bella asked cautiously. She remembered her promise to Daisy .

Daisy smiled, “ I know what you mean, Mamma. Yes, all’s fine. Richard is a nice guy. I know that, and I’ve known that ever since we met at the Family Get-together, three years back.”

Bella was relieved. Daisy would agree to get married to him, after all.

“ But Mamma, his beard is the problem. I hate that unclean stubble,” Daisy continued.

“Stubble? Oh…my dear!”, Bella burst out laughing.

Now, Daisy was totally amused !

To be contd....

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  1. This is getting more intense. Now I am glued to this series. Thanks for accepting the tag. I have tagged you here as well. Hope you will accept :)

    Someone is Special


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