Saturday 28 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 3)

Contd  from : Now, Daisy was totally amused !

“ Mamma, I’m saying something serious, and you’re laughing…not fair !”, she made a face.

“ Darling, you just reminded me of myself. I said the same thing when your dad came to see me at my home”, Isabella revealed.

“Aaha…how come you didn’t tell me this all these years, Mamma ? Anyway you can’t blame me now, can you?”, Daisy rolled her eyes mischievously.

Isabella smiled knowingly, “ Yes darling. But I did marry your dad, don’t forget that.”

Daisy came to her and hugged her from behind. “ So, tell me how he managed to woo you?”

“ Oh, he came to know from your grandma that  I hated that unclean stubble of his. When I came out of the church after the holy mass the next morning, there he was, at the doorsteps, waiting for me with a bunch of roses, and a sweet smile. He looked different; I couldn’t recognise him first.”

“And, then?”, Daisy gave a knowing wink.

His clean shaven look bowled me over. I was in the seventh heaven when he proposed to me again , and we were married the next month,” Isabella fell silent with a blush, immersed in the sweet memories.

Daisy kissed her on the cheek, “ Mamma, you look so sweet when you blush. Look, you’ve turned as red as a tomato”.

“I’ve never been able to imagine Jerome with a beard. He was always my clean-shaven hero. That’s why, even at that last hour, I….couldn’t….”, Isabella’s lips quivered. Her voice turned sad.

Daisy hugged her mom tight. “ Relax, Mamma. Nothing more on that now. Please. Come on, let’s make dinner. I need to practice songs for the choir.”

Isabella composed herself. More talks tomorrow, she decided.

Tomorrow was another day.

To be contd....

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