Wednesday 18 December 2013

Back after a Break !! :)

Here I return, after a long silence.

Silence of a month and a little more.

After the Liebster post, the blog automatically went into hibernation.

No, laziness isn’t the culprit this time. Nor is procrastination.

Just that I was on my annual vacation to Kerala, that lasted a month  :) :) :)

There was so much to be done.
So many places to visit.
So much to catch up with.
So many things that needed our attention.

But then, this is what everyone does on a vacation :)

For us, this vacation was special, because it was to witness the birth of something new.

You heard me right. I indeed said, a birth.

The birth of our new home.

The new home which was being constructed for us at our home town, sprung to life this November.

Here’s a short poem which I wrote for the occasion :)

Built of bricks, cemented with love,
the warmth of  hugs for the ceiling above,
She’s  ready for us, with a lovely dome,
Sure, we’ll  love her, our brand new home !!

It fills the heart with joy inexplicable …

On 20th November 2013, we entered our new home, with the traditional Ganesh Pooja being held, and cooking initiated by boiling a pot of milk :)

We are thankful to God for his blessings, for having seen us through the journey to make our dream come true !!

And yeah, we’ve named her Vynika.

Here’s a view from the gates :)

Vynika is Goddess Saraswathi's form with the Veena :)

So, that is the home-story cut short ! :)

Needless to say, I've missed my blog these days, as also the many activities going around the blogosphere.

Thankfully, the lull hasn't lasted forever and I'm back in full swing :)

Shall return soon with my signature self ! :)


  1. that was a well deserved break Sreeja... and ur home looks amazing!! when are u letting us see the inner view? Vynika is a beautiful name too! may ur new home bring you all the good luck and prosperity....all the very best!!!

    1. Wow ! Thanks a lot for that, Titli :) Shall surely mail you the photographs :)

  2. loved your home Vynika . It's beautiful. Welcome back and you have a lot to write and read too.

    1. Thanks a lot, Kalpana ji :) yes, I've loads to read too... slowly catching up :)

  3. Hearty CongratulationsA home is more than brick and mortar affair..It is a place of warmth and love.Vynika is a nice name.
    Yes your long absence was noticed and you can make amends by writing regularly.

    1. Thanks a lot, KP sir :) Yes, shall surely make the amends :)

  4. First of all accept congratulations for the new house. The exterior looks very grand. The name is also very nice. I missed you all these days.

    1. Thanks a lot, Usha Ma'm :) The house is at Palakkad :)
      And you made my day saying that you missed me :)
      *Touched, I am * ....
      Shall make amends, as said by KP Sir :)

  5. Congratulations Sreeja! Great! :) I have tagged you here Hope you will accept.

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks a lot, Sarav :) yes, I shall accept the tag soon.

  6. Wow Sreeja, You have a beautiful home.. And the name is lovely.. And yes, you described your feelings so beautifully in those words.. Lots of love :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Jyotsna :) yes, indeed, it is a special feeling !! Cheers !!

  7. Looking great!
    May the Almighty Bless you all FOREVER with great times at this new home!


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