Sunday 29 December 2013

When a Daisy blooms….. ( Part 4)

Contd from : Tomorrow was another day.

The morning dawned bright and clear.

As Daisy went about her chores, she knew in her heart that her Mom would soon raise the topic of wedding. Isabella liked Richard a lot, and would love him for a son-in-law. She was also aware that Lizzy liked her. She was confused.

Daisy liked Richard. He was a man any girl would love being married to. But his stubble worried her. And it wasn’t as trivial a problem as it seemed. She needed to talk about it.

“ I’ll explain to Mom in the evening. She’ll understand,” Daisy thought to herself as she pony-tailed her hair and picked up the books to return at the Church Library.

There was half an hour for the Holy Mass to begin when she reached. She made her way to the adjoining building , the Library. After returning the books , she was searching for a new title on the bookshelf in the hall, when she saw those two eyes through the gap on the shelf, where there were no books.

The very same deep smiling eyes.

In the moment that it took her to register what she saw, the eyes had gone.

She looked again through the gap. No, they weren’t there. They  had vanished.

A sudden, light tap on her shoulder made her turn in surprise.

Standing behind her, with a book held to his chest, gazing at her warmly with the two deep smiling eyes, was the guy, whose stubble had troubled her thoughts.

But now, his clean shaven look bowled her over.

“ Richard, hey…this is a surprise!”, she managed to say.

“Aaha ! I should be saying that, lovely lady ! Didn’t think I’d meet you here, and today !”, Richard said.

She blushed. Now, was this love ?

To be contd.

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  1. I am hooked Sreeja.. Looking forward to more.. Especially loved the Christian theme of the story!!

    1. Thanks, dear :) Christian theme - well,all for a good reason !! :)

  2. Seriously? Stubble? :) I hate shaving every morning. can't seem to wrap my head around that!

    1. Haha :) Let's begin a "for-stubble-always" contest then :D :D


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