Tuesday 15 April 2014

A to Z Series Post # 13 Mother...

Though she had spurned my love and remained indifferent to my statement, I couldn’t take her out of my mind. I still loved her, and believed that she would soon fall in love with me.

We continued to be friends, and she never spoke to me with the conversation of that evening in her mind.

As days grew into weeks, the pressure of work at the office came down. I now had more time to listen to music, read books or go on long drives.

I loved doing all this to kill my boredom at home. Kamini’ wouldn’t be returning for at least the next three weeks, and I had all the time in the world for myself.

One such saturday, when I had exhausted my books and watched all that was there on TV, I decided to go on a long drive. It was a pleasant evening, and I knew the beachside at Ajman would be serene at this time.
But that didn’t happen.

I only remembered starting my Honda Accord. I drowned myself in the music that was playing in my car, and let my hands flow free on the hand wheel.

A few minutes later, I found myself standing at the door to Mahita’s home.
I knew where she lived, though I hadn’t been there before.
This was the first time I was going in, uninvited.

I rang the doorbell and waited for a moment.
Better leave, Vinod. You don’t know what her  reaction is going to be, said the voice in my head, don’t spoil your chances so early.

I listened to the warning and turned to go back, when the door clicked open.

“Hai, Yes ?"

I turned to face the door again, to be greeted by the big, curious, brown eyes of a small boy, dressed in a yellow T-shirt with ‘ Mummy My First Love’ printed on it, and brown beach trousers.

“ Err.. Is this Mahita’s home ? “, I asked, trying to sound casual.

God, Vinod. He’s just a kid. Don’t fret, I admonished myself.

“ Hmm…yes, this is Mamma’s home. But this is Saarthak’s home too,” he said, grinning wide and throwing the door open.

“ Can I come in ?,"  I smiled.

“ Aa jaiye, uncle”, he said and pulled me in by my hands.

“ Where’s your mamma ?”, I asked him.

“ She’s in the kitchen na. Making French fries for me. Wait, I’ll call her,” he said and ran inside , calling out, “Mammaaaaaa, ek uncle aaye hain.”

I walked around the hall. It was simply and beautifully furnished.
A three-seater sofa, and a tea-table, with matching cushions and tablecloth.  
A Television.
A corner stand for art collections.
All were tastefully arranged ,without clutter.
A large bookshelf with not less than some 300 books stood at one corner, and a flower vase adorned the small writing table attached to it.

Not a speck of dust anywhere.

I opened the bookshelf and ran my fingers along the spines of the volumes. 
One book was out of line, as if someone had kept it back hurriedly without pushing it in.
I took it.
Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul.

“ Oh, Vinod ! What a surprise ! How come you’re here ?”, Mahita came, followed by the little kid.

“ Sorry Madam ! Inform nahin kiya ,” I smiled.

“ Hey that’s fine. No issues, Vinod. Take your seat, I’ll get you Tea and snacks,” she said.

“ Hey, relax. I haven’t brought anything for the young man here,” I said, signalling him to come near me.

  She smiled.

“ This is Saarthak, my son,” she said. “ Sanju, Uncle ko Hai karo,” she told him.

“ Oho, Sanju is your pet name,” I ruffled his hair as he shook hands with me. 

When Mahita went inside to bring tea and snacks, he sat next to me on the sofa and showed me his story books and the prizes he had won at school the day before.

Every inch his mom’s son, I thought, with dimpled cheeks, and big brown eyes.

That evening was a rewarding experience for me. I got along very well with Sanju, and two hours and a heavy tea later, when I rose to return, he made me promise that I would visit again.

I obliged.

I’ll love to be your dad, darling, if your mom allows me, I wanted to say.  But didn’t.

“ Can I have this book for a read, Mahita?”,I asked her, showing her the Chicken soup I’d seen earlier.

“Sure, no problem . Take it, it’s a good one,” she said.

As I drove my car back home, somehow I felt that I was inching closer to her.
And closer to her love.


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  1. I missed out on some posts, finally caught up, read all in one go and waiting for next!! Wondering what will happen next!

  2. BAck here on the story....this thing is still brewing up is it not!!

  3. I wonder what's next...Mahita seems very composed and balanced person, someone you want to have all the happiness they deserve.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  4. poor vinod..looks like he's barking up the wrong tree...!

  5. God !!...I am eagerly waiting for the next parts.....this is getting more and more interesting :)

  6. And the situation gets more complicated. Poor Vinod or poor Kamini. I am not sure now ...

  7. that "I want to be your dad" was actually an accelerator by Vinod... :D loving the story Sreeja...



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