Saturday 26 April 2014

A to Z Series Post # 23 A Warm Beginning ? But....

That night, when I reached home, Kamini was waiting for me.

She didn’t ask me anything as to where I had been, or why I was late. Instead, she brought out the plates for dinner.

I went to the dining table, and opened the casseroles one by one.

Hot phulkas. Paneer Bhurji Masala. Onion and beaten curd raitha. And bananas.

Mahita’s words   were ringing in my ears. Coming from her, those words gained and carried great weight. A greater depth.

She was right. I couldn’t ignore Kamini any longer. I had to make an effort. I had to.

I had been wrong with Mahita. I couldn’t be wrong with Kamini also. I would be a failure, then.

I looked at her. In the bright light cast by the lamp overhead, she looked quite pretty in the yellow kurti , her shoulder-length wavy hair beautifully framing her round face.

“ You’ve cooked wonderfully, Kamini. The paneer is perfect,” I said, smiling.

She looked surprised. I hadn’t spoken this way to her for a very long time.

“Thanks, Vinod. You always love Paneer,” she said, modestly.

“Need help with the dishes ?”, I asked.

“No, that’s fine. I’ll take care”, she said. “Are you alright ?,” she asked as an afterthought.

“ Yes, just thought that fighting isn’t going to do any good,” I shrugged.

She smiled.

Somehow , I felt that the warmth in our relationship would return soon.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. The evening with Mahita kept playing in my mind over and over again .

I looked at Kamini. She was in deep sleep. There was an aura of peace around her.

I drifted off to sleep after some time, so many thoughts running through my mind. 

The next morning, I woke up very late, so I rang up the office and informed the HR that I was on leave that day.  

Kamini had left for her duty, and I found her note on the dining table, beneath a packed Lunch box and a casserole, “ Good Morning. Leaving for duty. Breakfast and lunch here, and tea in the flask. Please do have. See you in the evening.”

I had my breakfast and decided to read a book. My heart was still heavy.

At around 1 PM, when I had finished my lunch, the phone rang.

It was from the office. Shahzad, one of our office boys.

“ Vinod Sir, Mahita Madam ko Latifa Hospital mein  admit kiya hai. Behosh ho gayee thee, woh,” he said, in an urgent voice.

I was shocked.

‘Oh..kya hua unko ? “, I asked, my voice tensed.

“ Don’t know Sir, I went to see her on her seat. She sitting tired. I ask what happened and she fall down. No answer. So we call ambulance and they took her hospital,” he managed to convey this much to me in his broken English.

“ Ok, I will go there , now,” I said and disconnected the call.

Thankfully, this was the hospital where Kamini worked, so there was someone to help, if need be.

As I drove to the hospital, I  kept cursing myself.

I had made her speak out everything to me. She had relived all that pain once again . In a way, I was responsible for her being ill.

To be contd.... 


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  1. Feeling Sorry for Mahita, she is an angel, fixing everybody's life but her own :(

  2. Oh seems like I missed much of this story. Need to go back now.

  3. That's another turn now...hope Mahita overcomes whatever it is. I am beginning to like her so much :)

  4. ohh my ... what happened? I am glad he is good to Kamini

  5. finally he's seeing some sense!

    sometimes we tend to get lost, and go off the path, and lucky are those who find that guiding source to show them the is easy to misguide a lost person, to bring them on the right path is the mark of angels! I'm suddenly so sad that there's just 3 more days to go and the story will be over.....

  6. OK, so Mahita has been admitted in the hospital where Kamini works. Is that the basis for the next twist, or is it just a red herring? :-)
    You are torturing all your readers with so much suspense, but they're all enjoying it!!

  7. Sreeja this is so interesting , eager to read the rest:)

  8. Oh my.. just when everything was turning a bit better between him and Kamini .. now Mahita? Loving this one Sreeja

  9. I got the chance to read all the missed chapters today's such a wonderful story ...going so well ...intense ...captivating...emotional ....and practical too... love this are an amazing story writer Sreeja :)

  10. Oh no. Hope everything is okay with Mahitha :(


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