Friday 18 April 2014

A to Z Random Post # 16 the Punch !!

He punches me hard on my face.

Well aimed, it is.

The next blow comes before I can recover from the first and it jolts me out of my way.

I cannot even whimper in protest !

He seems to be angry ; his fury flowing out with every blow !

Ever since our first day together, I’ve been experiencing this.

With every passing day my level of endurance is increasing !!

I do it ,only because it pleases him .

He prepares to leave .....

I heave a sigh of relief ; my muscles feel relaxed ......

Life as a pugilist’s punching bag is never easy !!


Linking this to A toZ 2014 and the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.


  1. ha... i succeeded in guessin it ryt today ! by the end of a-z am sure i can b a grt mystery solver, all thnks to u ;-)
    a-z participant

  2. Today's punch has a message for life as well.. After reading these last few weeks, I have started thinking on similar lines with simple things in life.... Will share few for your views once this challenge is over :-).

  3. haha i am sure not many have explored this angle of a punch bag :)

  4. That was another good one!
    On a serious note, quite a few people function as punching bags for small or large parts of their lives, some for their entire lives. Their life is never easy.

  5. A different perspective... Punching bag's side of story and such seems life sometimes for some!!!

  6. wow thoughts really went haywire..for first few lines...

  7. ബ്രില്യന്റ്!!!

  8. Gosh Sreeja...I thought it was a human punching bag initially, Thank God not.

  9. very nice and clever!!! u managed to take my thoughts elsewhere!

  10. Yep, I guessed it too:) Still, a lovely take :D

  11. i guessed this one!! Finally getting better at guessing!!


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