Tuesday 22 April 2014

A to Z Random Post # 19 S - Safe in his love :)

I fall in love with him, at first sight.

I’m sure he has spotted me too, when he walks towards me, his steps confident.

She interrupts him, just then.

I wait with bated breath, as he points his fingers at me , saying something.

To my relief, she smiles and comes straight to me, humming happily.

"You’re going with him, dear," she slowly whispers to me.

Though overjoyed,  I remain solemn.

" Take care of her," she says.

He nods, smiling.

I feel the happy warmth of soft silk on me.

And he walks out proudly with his brand new , stylish Sunglasses !


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  1. That had me giggling!
    You know, for the longest time I yearned for stylish sunglasses, until I got a pair, thanks to my friend, last year. I can wear them over my glasses :D

  2. Sreeja...how do you come up with these!! Really hilarious! :)

  3. This i couldn't guess at all :) Nice one!

  4. Sreeja, this was completely unexpected. You are an expert in weaving stories which keep the reader guessing.

  5. LOL @ the twist!! Very interesting and very funny :D

  6. Another funny twist...sharp thinking :-)...

  7. ha ha ha..... nice twist :)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  8. I hereby crown thee as the undisputed queen of twists in a drabble!!

  9. Truly a masterpiece :) I love sunglasses, by the way. Have three pairs!

  10. hahaha that's a wonderful ending :D

  11. Now I expect surprises from you every single time!!!! heheeheh not complaining!

  12. I wa sthinking it'll be a pet dog :)

  13. we have come to expect your twists but yet, never figure them out! Very good, indeed

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  14. Ah!! you got it again!!!


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