Saturday 5 April 2014

A to Z Series Post # 5. Enigma....

That night at Grand Hyatt was the best I’d had , after very long.

The atmosphere was wonderful, the music was soothing to the nerves, and the food was exquisite. They served authentic Indian Cuisine, and we had a delicious dinner. Later, we sat for some time in their private beach area , enjoying the night weather.

Wow, it’s such a wonderful place, Vinod. You must bring Kamini here at least once. She hasn’t seen the place yet, has she ?”, Mahita asked on our way back.

I just mouthed a feeble, “Yes, sure “. 

Anger was frothing inside me; here I was , taking every effort to keep our marriage intact, and all she wanted was to do her job. She couldn’t sacrifice that for this evening. 

But then, I was thankful for that, because, how else would’ve Mahita come out with me ? Kamini’s absence had actually thrown open an opportunity for me and Mahita to be together at a lovely place,  something I would cherish for a lifetime. 

I decided to tell Kamini that I had gone to the Hyatt with a friend.

I was drowned in the memories of that wonderful evening of camaraderie for the next few days at office.

The uneasy thought had come re-visiting though, but I didn't want to spit it out and spoil something good.

That evening, as I drove her to the Hyatt, I'd suddenly thought how little I knew of her personal life.

She never spoke anything about herself to anyone.

It might've been my oversight, that when I received so much care , concern and support from her,  forgot to ask her about herself. 

All that I, or rather we all, knew about her was that she was  good at heart, loved to talk, loved music and books and was very intelligent. All this we could gather from our interaction. But nothing from her herself !

One fine morning.

It was time for the renewal of my employment VISA. I was on my way to the HR to submit my photograph and some other details, when I happened to see Mahita on her seat, writing something. 

All curious, I tiptoed behind her.

It was the application form of an International Life Insurance Company.

Oblivious of my presence, she took a pen and filled out the name of the Insured.  

Mahita Mohan Varma.

Born on 21st June, 1969. Which meant she was 29.  
I had had no clue of this. I felt a weird sort of happiness. She was 11 years younger to me.

The next one was Marital Status. She marked ,  SingleAnother hurdle down. 

She paused over the next question,  Spouse's Name.

After fumbling with her pen for sometime, she wrote,  Capt. Mohan Chandra Varma.

I froze for a moment. 

She paused again and sat still for some time
Then wrote,  Late before the name. 

My eyes widened in an unpleasant surprise.

The next was the name of the Nominee. Without a second thought, she filled it , Saarthak Varma.

I turned back in disbelief. I didn't want to read further. I felt guilty for having read this far, without her knowledge.

This was the woman who had helped me rediscover love in life.
She was married.

And, a mother.

One half of me didn't want to know more; the other half kept nagging me to go ahead. 

Should I ?

To be contd.....


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  1. I like where this story is going...even without knowing what will happen next there is something so human and humane about the way you are building these characters. Very well done, Sreeja!

  2. I love the way it is developing !!!! I am totally loving it!!

    Smile - It makes (y)our day!

  3. Whoa... another twist!! so much for the room... now the story's getting interesting!!

  4. i like what i am reading....!!! this is getting racier and interesting!

  5. നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് ശ്രീജാ
    തുടരുക, ആശംസകള്‍

  6. We're always torn this way, aren't we?

  7. I am intrigued to read more. You are an amazing story teller.
    Life is like this.....

  8. You love this, don't you? Making us wonder and wait. Good post

  9. Again you have kept us waiting...this tale is turning out to be so enthralling!

    Random Thoughts Naba

  10. This was not the twist I expected, hooked for next!

  11. Yes you should..... No... you shouldn't... oopz... m confused!!!

  12. Yes you should..... No... you shouldn't... oopz... m confused!!!

  13. Wow.. This is such a new twist !!

  14. mysteries are unfolding... great development in the plot



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