Monday 7 April 2014

A to Z Series Post # 6 - Friendship !!!

I didn’t want Mahita to know that I knew her personal secret, so I kept quiet about my knowledge every time I met her.

But I was screaming inside. Why didn’t you tell me, woman ? You thought I’ll never find out ?

I had initially been upset about the whole thing ; her being married had occurred to me before, but her status as a widow had been a surprise.

On one side, I was disturbed at the thought of the troubles she might have faced as a young widow ; on the other side was my own need to find love from her, so her being a widow was one hurdle down, as I could use that as an argument to win her over.

Too many selfish thoughts.
I was selfish, purely selfish in my liking for her.
Every time I interacted with her, my love grew in geometric proportions, and I became possessed with the thought.

I initiated an offbeat conversation, one evening, to see if that could break her open.

“ Hey, you know you are a star here,” I said, in good humour.

“ Kya ? Me ? Star ? What’s wrong with you, Vinod ? Dimag ki batti finish ho gayi?“, she teased me.

“ Nahi re, people here idolize you. You’ve many fans here. Halo dekho apne sir pe ,” I made a halo gesture around her head.

“ That’s because I’m a fairy. What makes you say that, by the way ? ”, she laughed.

“ All the office boys here are like, Mahita Madam ye, Mahita Madam woh, all the time. Seems they’re so charmed by your manners“, I replied.

“ Oh, that ! You know how they are, na . Shower them with a little love. Address them by their first names, ask them whether they had food. Share what you have with them.  They’ll love you for that. Age old principle, that one", she said.

“ True, but how do you do it every time? That’s what beats me,” I said.

“ I believe in one of the supreme principles of life, Vinod,” she turned serious.

“ What’s it ? Faith ?”, I asked.

“ No. Friendship. Pure, free, heartfelt, unadulterated friendship, like what I share with you”, she replied.

My aim was to make her speak more openly about herself . I had meant our conversation to flow that way.

But here she was, barricading my thoughts with the last thing I’d thought of. Friendship.

It is love I'm looking for , woman.

Never mind. 

Slow steps first. Friendship would give way to love, wouldn't it !

To be contd.....


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  1. May be friendship would give way to love ....can't wait for the next :)

  2. This waiting to read the next part is freaking me out. I know how vinod must feel :D


  3. Patience, Vinod...patience! But I know it is hard, when the story is coming to such a point....can't wait for where it Goes next...G is for Go, Going out on a date? ;)

  4. wow woo wow... as Beloo said G for Going out on date? :P :D

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  5. Why oh why... not for a married man

  6. sounds like they would make a nice couple... waiting for more :)

  7. will that be a start to an affair? she looks quite mature to handle it though!!

  8. Whoa will they progress?

  9. Very interesting...waiting for their love to unfold...if it does :)

  10. വളരെ ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്നുണ്ട് ഈ കഥയുടെ ഗതിയും പുരോഗതിയും.

  11. Next part... please....

    The story is going in an awesome way... :)

  12. I am actually feeling sad for his wife :( But then, the story is getting interesting !!!

  13. friendship is a good starting point

  14. this is going really well.... moving to the next post...


    btw, Sreeja, this story has some Hindi Dialogues which I think, will stop the readers from foreign countries to read this fantastic story... please put the translation next to it, I don't want someone to miss out a great story like this just because of a minor translation issue :)


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