Friday 11 April 2014

A to Z Series Post # 10 - Just this !!

“ Is she fine now ? Why did you return so soon ? You could’ve spent some more time with her,” Mahita asked me over breakfast the day I rejoined office.

I’d decided to join back immediately, because I’d been away for a while and there were some issues which needed my interference at work. Staying alone at home wouldn’t have been possible anyway.

More than all this, I missed being with Mahita. I wanted to talk to her and share with  her all that had happened, and feel her soothing voice wash over my emotional  turmoil. I felt only she could offer me the solace I needed so much.

“She’s good. The surgery was smooth, as I had said when I called, and she’s back home now. She needs to take up physio sessions. You know how it is, na. Kamini is there, so no one else is needed to take care of her medical needs,” I replied, taking a morsel of the delicious makke ki roti that she had brought for me.

“ Awe ! That’s really a lucky chance, isn’t it, Vinod ? So nice of Kamini to stay back to be with her now. I presume there’s a domestic help to take care of daily cleaning and all that. Otherwise it will be too much for Kamini to handle alone, “  she said.

“ Haan, there is one lady who’s been Dadima’s help for a long time now. She does the cleaning and all that,” I replied.

We ate in silence for some time.

“ You miss her, don’t you?”, Mahita asked, as she took her glass of water to drink.

“ Who ? Dadima ? Well, I do. But I can’t be with her for a long time right. I’ve my work here,” I answered.

“ Arey, I know that. I’m asking about Kamini. You guys haven’t been separated like this before, have you?”, she asked with a smile.

Yeah, we haven’t been separated like this; but we’ve been separated in our thoughts for a long time. You’ve no idea, my lady, I thought.

But I didn’t reply, instead concentrated on the food on my plate. 
Makke ki roti with aloo fry. Delicious.

“Oho ! Someone is shy,” she teased.

“ Can we just talk something else,  Mahita ? About work, for example ? How’s the new showroom faring?”, I asked trying not to sound irritated, but failing.

“ Relax, Vinod. It’s fine. I know how it feels like. Leave it, sorry for asking, ” she  winked at me, and got up to dispose off our plates and glasses.

“ It’s ok. I’ll tell you just this - that I won’t miss Kamini much,” I said, leaving her looking at me with a surprised, yet thoughtful expression.

 You don’t know what it feels like to be married to a woman I don’t love, to be in love with a woman I’m not married to, and to learn without being told, that she’s widow.

And it is high time you justified my role in your life, my lady,  I thought as I walked out of the dining room.

To be contd....

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  1. Silent love trying to express itself ....

  2. Quite a confusing situation for Vinod, it seems...he knows what his heart wants, but his mind can't decide what to do...well, love ain't easy as they say :) The story is coming along very nicely, Sreeja :)

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  3. he has started assuming things without realising that she doesn't look too keen about him.....but understandable....waiting to know what happens next!!!

  4. Unpredictable, your story!!!

  5. The story is picking up, Sree! Good :)

  6. the plot is really interesting...:) moving to the latest part



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