Thursday 10 October 2013

The Faith and Hope Diamond !

I happened to read this wonderful quote, when I was going through some books.

Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future ; Faith is the ability to dance to it today ! 

A wonderful quote, is it not ?

Hope and Faith - two very beautiful concepts, very nicely intertwined !

I am reminded of the story many of us are sure to have read as a part of Aesop's Fables.

God gifts a box to Man and asks him to safeguard it, as it contains all things that he needs for a wonderful life on earth, full of peace. However, God specifically instructs man to avoid opening the box; if he does so, he's sure to lose the gifts inside.
Man is not able to contain his curiosity for long, and he pays no heed to God's words as he opens the box.
And out fly the gifts, one by one.
Realising his folly, Man closes the box and summons God with his prayers, repenting now for his foolishness.
God replies, that Man has to pay the price for his impudence.
The only gift remaining inside is Hope.

And that's the only gift from God, that has propelled Man forward, ever since !!

This is a Diamante created for Hope and Faith, the supplementing concepts of life...

                                                             Strong, high,
                                                    unwavering, everlasting,healing
                                                Belief ,  Reliance,  Trust , Aspiration
                                                   Helping, convincing, resurrecting,
                                                              Deep, sincere

Signing off with this, for the day ! :-)


  1. Thank god he closed the box before Hope also flew out!Imagine life without hope.It would be a great misery.
    A nice verse

  2. That's a wonderful story and a fab diamante. Thank God, we have hope and that helps us to keep going on despite life's trials and tribulations. Hope is rightly explained as Hold On Pain Ends!

    1. Wow.... That's something new for me :) Thanks Shilpa Ji :)

  3. A fabulous diamante and curiosity kills the cat and thank God Hope has remained in the box.

    1. Thanks Kalpana ji :) yes, at least we have hope in life :)

  4. Hope and faith can make life bearable at times. Otherwise in the cynical world we live in who really cares...


    1. Yes, they are two pivots which make life bearable...always :)


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