Saturday 19 October 2013

I knew it was my last day there.........

This wonderful writing exercise at Write Tribe requires us to post any creative literary piece of work in exactly 100 words. This week's Prompt is given by Sugandha of Shades of Life - I knew it was my last day there...

Though I lay on the bed, with a weakening heart,
My thoughts and sorrow, were miles apart
Memories of days, months and years bygone,
With glowing serenity, my mind dwelt on

Causes well fought for, results well attained,
No pain, no regrets for the wounds so sustained,
I would leave behind a glory for the posterity to claim,
Before I was consumed by the leaping flame..

Through my heartbeats, I was fully aware,
the realization dawned on me with a certainty so rare,
I knew it was my last day there,
My day had come, He had heard my prayer  !!
100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


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