Monday 21 October 2013

A Monorhyme - A Prize !!

This is an attempt at a Monorhyme. A Monorhyme, as the name indicates is a poetic form where all the lines have the same end rhyme.

My Monorhyme is a Prize....

She looks at me with innocent eyes
Believe me, that look can melt all ice
Her gaze so quizzical, she thinks me wise,
On the truth of my face, she sees no disguise

I’m sure her love reaches the skies
when she clings on to my bosom, no surprise
Her soft breath mixes with my sighs
Anything to interfere, I’d despise

She smiles at me, all my pain dies
I’m a mother, on me she relies…..
‘Take care of her’ , says a friendly advice,
‘I’ll surely do’, my heart replies.

Hey, when I say so, don’t doubt me guys,
my daughter to me, is God’s great prize…
Motherhood is nature’s strongest of ties,
And love is the best of all her supplies !!

That's Post 21 for UBC :-)


  1. Wow.First time i heard this form of poem and what a delightful poem you have weaved.Rhymes give music to verses.The subject chosen is also nice

    1. Thanks a lot, KP :) Yes, Rhymes give the musical effect to verses ! Actually that was one reason why we enjoyed learning poetry at school :-)
      Eyes was the first word I got in mind when I thought of a poem, and the rest of the poem was built to rhyme so :)

  2. Splendid!! I loved reading it.

  3. Wow!! Read a monorhyme for the first time! Wonderful composition! :)

    1. Thanks shilpa ji :) Well, even I heard of it and tried one for the first time...

  4. Thanks, Team Blog Adda :D woohoooo !!

  5. Wonderful. That sums up everything

  6. Hey that's so beautiful and touching....
    Congrats for the Tangy Tuesday pick!

  7. making two lines rhyme itself is a big problem as far as i am concerned...a monorhyming poem would break my creative back :P...good one Sreeja

    1. Hey no probs, you just need to find one word to begin with , the rest of the rhyming words you can easily get :) I'm sure you can churn out a better one ! Thanks, ch :)


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