Friday 18 October 2013

The Minute Poem - My Soul for You !

Say the word, ' Minute', and we instantly connect it with the number 60.

The Minute Poem also has a '60' connection. It is a poem of  twelve lines, made up of 60 syllables.
The whole poem is divided into three stanzas, with each couplet rhyming. Eight-four-four-four is the syllable scheme for each stanza.

My Minute Poem  is  My Soul for You....

I love to sing my song for you,
I see the hue
of love, in your
eyes that allure….

I live to see you smile with grace
a happy face,
calm as a lake,
no hidden ache !

I’d die to give my life and soul,
to fill the role
of your soul mate,
my happy fate !!

That takes my UBC Post Count to 18 :-)


  1. So many kinds of poems! And here my time goes only in understanding haiku. This is very interesting piece. Have you seen Vinay aka Leo's blog? he once featured seven types of poetry in a week. And he too loves poem. I would suggest you check his blog.


    1. Hi Richa,

      Thanks dear...
      At least you understood Haiku :D I've never been able to craft one till date..
      Yes, I got to see Leo'sblog as a part of Blog-a-ton.
      Thanks a lot for the link. Shall check his poems too !


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