Tuesday 1 October 2013

The UBC - Day 1 : Curtain Raiser !

So, it is here !!

Yes, the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, what else!

This post is a curtain raiser :-)

The first time I heard of this challenge was when I visited The Little Princess’s UBC Starter post this July.

That was the time my blog had just been born, and I hadn’t taken to blogging as much as I would have loved to.

I got hooked on to the idea and then religiously followed many blogs throughout the month. Whatever little time I got to spent online, was spent on reading the wonderful posts put up by the other bloggers in the blogosphere. Of course, I was really a fresher on the platform then ( I still am, by the way) and was apprehensive about commenting. I wasn’t sure how that would be accepted.
But as I visited, re-visited, read and re-read many blogs, I became confident enough to comment on many, and try and  make friends that way.
And that further inspired me to take up the challenge when it happened next.

Come October, and the challenge is ON. I am so happy to be part of this challenge and will try my best to complete it :-) Nothing is impossible ! :-)

Why do we take up a challenge, (any challenge, that is) ?
We do, because it stimulates us.
It gets our adrenaline flowing.
It is a platform where we compete with ourselves and stretch ourselves to see how far we can go.
It is a way to find out the horizons of our capabilities, or better, to discover that there are no horizons whatsoever !
A challenge lets us experiment, and prove that sky is indeed the limit to those who want to achieve !!
And challenges are difficult.
I remember reading somewhere , that if a problem wasn’t difficult, it wouldn’t be called a problem at all.
The same logic can be extended to challenges too !
They help us tap the reservoirs of patience, energy , creativity and a lot more, the existence of which might otherwise be unknown to us.

Writing everyday, with discipline, without monotony or boredom is a challenge.

We, the proud participants of the UBC are about to do just that.

Good luck to all!

Here, we take the plunge….

Looking forward to an active blogging month ahead !!

The blogosphere is going to brim and blossom with creativity :-)


  1. Hey Sreeja! Well this is simply great! We now can find some great writing and interactions through UBC. Here's hoping we have a celebratory 31 days of October :-)


    1. Thanks, Richa :-) Sure, let's connect through UBC !


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