Thursday 31 October 2013

A Hope, A Promise !!

As I had mentioned my previous post, my thoughts have come dressed up in Poetry over the past few days.

Of these, the Loop Poetry is something which I found really interesting, challenging and refreshing. I'm sure it is a delight to anyone who reads it !

As the curtains fall on the UBC today, I am posting yet another Loop Poetry.

This time, it is  A Hope, A Promise.....

The heart is filled with voices,
voices that reach me deep,
deep in my eyes is the pain,
pain on which I’d rather not weep....

Thoughts aren’t expressed or spoken,
spoken words carry no weight,
weight lies waiting in my bosom,
bosom that knows not to hate….

Eyes speak volumes of longing,
longing for a glance that’d  speak,
speak of a hand that I shall hold,
hold on to, as my knees turn weak….

Words are sometime the arrows,
arrows do create the spite,
spite that  pairs up with anguish,
anguish which erupts in a fight….

A promise is all that I can offer,
offer to nurture peace,
peace makes life so delicious,
delicious, that aches and worries cease….

Love is the balm for the soul,
soul, full with sweetness so alive,
alive in my heartbeat is a hope,
hope that love shall always thrive !!

That is UBC Post 31 :-)

And I hereby complete the Ultimate Blog Challenge :-)


  1. Wow,that was an excellent loop poem with an easy fow.

  2. wow, beautiful flow and UBC requires a lot of commitment, respect!

  3. Good work. Carry on keeping the spirit in tact.

  4. Congrats for completing the UBC. Even I had participated last time however could not complete :)


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