Monday 7 October 2013

The Love of my Life :D :D

This wonderful writing exercise at Write Tribe requires us to post any creative literary piece of work in exactly 100 words. This week's Prompt is given by Richa Singh of The Philosopher’s Stone - "Every once in a while".


I’m totally in love with you.

For reminding me of your presence, softly, every once in a while…

For bridging me with my loved ones every once in a while …

For being silent when I’m upset every once in a while …

For singing my favourite songs every once in a while….

For playing games with me, when I’m bored, every once in a while….

For making me steal a glance at you, every once in a while…

A life without you around is beyond imagination….

You breathe life into me, my days….

I love you dear….

My Blackberry :-D :-D

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


  1. Sreeja, I thought the post was about your baby. LOL its your Blackberry.

    1. hehe :) I tried my hands at Humour :) thanks :)

  2. That was hilarious..Best wishes!!

  3. Good one! Hello from one smart phone addict to the other :D

    1. haha :) yeah, I read that I-am-a-smart-phoner :D that you posted :)
      my addiction is to this machine per se, as it is a gift from you-know-who :)
      Thanks :)

  4. Oh yo!! I have a blackberry too and I can not imagine any other phone in my hand! Also I cannot imagine some one putting this up for the prompt! haha too good!!


    1. hahaha :) Yeah, these things happen suddenly, every once in a while :P Thanks dear !


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