Wednesday 30 October 2013

Be with me.....

Over the past few days, I have attempted to dress my thoughts in different poetic forms, the major ones being, the Septolet, the Diamante, the Minute Poemthe Nonet, the Monorhyme and the Loop Poetry.

All are challenging forms to write in, given the fact that I have never ever tried my brains at poetry, before the blog took birth.

As I was thinking what my blog should sport before the UBC comes to a close ( even though we can continue the challenge if we wish to), I was inspired to write yet another Minute Poem.

After boiling all the thoughts in the cauldrons of the mind, and adding the other ingredients in the correct order and stirring the right number of times, here is the Invigoration potion errr... poem I've been able to concoct...


Be with me.....

When the world turns hostile at me,
you are to be,
the peace I crave,
though I look brave….

When love flies away like a bird,
give me a word,
that you’ll be near,
to wipe my fear….

When iniquity traps the soul,
And eats me whole,
send me the light,
the moral might.

That is UBC 30 for me :-)


  1. Sreeja, you have perfected wring poetry in different forms. The last stanza is very powerful in this poem. Beautifully written.

    1. Thanks a lot for the nice words, Ma'm :) Encouragement of this sort helps a lot in honing one's skills ! :)

  2. I love your poems :) I m very moody while writing poems but when I read you poems, I kind of feel mine are silly :P

    1. Oh My ! That was a real boost, Maithili :) I'm touched.... really, you just made my day !! :-)
      Thanks a lot !! :)


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