Thursday 24 October 2013

A Rhymed Verse - Need I Fear ?

Today I'm posting a Rhymed verse ; just the usual kind of poems with rhyming ends, which we all have learnt at schools.

 My Question is , Need I Fear ?

Its late in the evening, when my books set me free,
Today, I’m alone, usually we’re three…
I board the bus on my way back home,
I’ve been out at college, not to roam.

I find a seat , my bag held tight,
Close to my bosom, with all my might…
There’s so much to study for the next day’s lectures,
I’ll have no time today to waste at the pictures !

I count the seconds and minutes tick by,
I think of mom who’ll be waiting, with a ‘why’?
My eyes wander to spot a known face,
And that’s when they see your cruel gaze…

Your eyes look at me with desire and lust
They lack the sheen  and depth that I can trust
The way you look, makes me feel conscious
I’m aware of my muscles tightening, anxious…

I avert my gaze with an effort to avoid,
I think of the lives, such lust destroyed,
I begin to hate you with alarming ferocity
I’m sure, I can expect no generosity….

I’m waiting to alight at my usual station,
Even as I feel my phone’s vibration.
I’m sure it’s mom, who worries if I’m secure,
I answer the phone, I speak and reassure…

As I get down at the station, as is usual for me,
I quickly look at you, so that I can see,
If there’s some mischief, awaiting, on my way
I’m relieved to find none, that’s so little to say…

I break into a run, and reach my home soon,
Before the sky smiles with the stars and moon,
I see my mom and feel loved and blessed ,
She herself looks happy, fine and de-stressed !!

This world has no voice for girls, says my mind
A real sweet guy, is hard to find,
Wherever I go, this fear shall follow,
But, I promise myself, in it, I shall never wallow !!

UBC 24 :-)


  1. So true. I could relate to mom waiting with a why :P and the instant de-stressing effect she has!

    1. hehe, thanks Maithili :) yup, the why is omnipresent :D

  2. Sreeja, you are an expert in writing poetry. It appears words are just flowing out from deep within.

  3. Oh my god :) Thanks a lot, Ma'm :) I'm *blushing* :)

  4. So topical Seeja.I was reminded of the girl student harassed in Bangalore metro.The poem brought out very nicely the fear and anxiety among girls and their moms

    1. Thanks a lot KP :) Yes, very true....All girls have gone through this at least once in their lives !

  5. Every mother of a girl is worried and her fears are natural. Congrats on SSP.

    1. Thanks a lot, Kalpana ji :) Yes, every mom is worried for her child !

  6. This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)


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