Wednesday 9 October 2013

On the Wheels of Life ...

One of those moods, the woman’s philosophy,
Speaks to me, life’s not just a catastrophe,
In all its glory, wonder and beauty,
Life’s a rainbow, colourful, not sooty….

First come the days , when innocence rules,
Magical days, no time for blues,
Moments spent, kissing the lonely flower
Birds ,animals, and to the trees that tower…
Mischief and pranks, forming gangs,
Fights over nothing, no guilt pangs !!

Then are those days, of the terrible teenage,
Difficult to handle, goes the adage,
The world’s against me, the young mind feels,
Never too convinced, that time always heals….
Fierce trials to burn the worldly coils,
Caught in the struggle , the teen blood boils !!

Next come the days of the blissful youth,
Some see the pain of the wisdom tooth :-)
The toil to achieve, to prove and to gain,
The truth says, no gain without pain….
Failure lurks, threatening life’s pleasure,
Yet life just seems the greatest treasure !!

Middle ages, when the real life starts,
Family, friends, job, all in its parts,
Desire to live grows strong and concrete,
Never to fear  or concede defeat….
Temptations galore, to give up trying,
Yet the kiss of success, to keep flying !!

The evening of life, the ripe old age,
When all the world seems one small stage,
Now seeps in, the wisdom of a whole lifetime,
That days are few, here’s no extra time….
The past seems beautiful for a life well-spent
And , to the gates of heaven, a graceful ascent!

As I come out of the reverie so true,
I still have questions, but never a clue…
Yet, in the vastness of the firmament so blue,
For me, life’s a beauty, till I bid adieu !!


  1. And they say life teaches you a lot of lessons. Your poetry reminded me of many such moments I encountered on course till here. Sreeja beautiful words sweetie :)


    1. Thanks a lot, dear :-) Yes, they say life teaches us so much...probably we don't know we are learning all the while !


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