Sunday 13 October 2013

Mission Accomplished !!


The sound of the clock  was the only one piercing the stony silence in the room. It was only 9 at night.

I was wide awake, all ready for my mission.

It was an unusually windy night. That’s what made it a perfect time for my mission.

The wind whooshing outside tickled the anxiety in my heart.

Will I go wrong this time ?

A few moments later I heard the door bang shut, and the click of the door-lock.


Someone was going up the stairs. 

All was silent in a few minutes.

I waited for the right moment, to begin the task at hand.

Plop !!

That was a first….I strained my ears for the next few moments….

Plop plop plop plop…..

Pitter patter….

Oooh….. the rain had begun !

I got up briskly from the bed and tiptoed my way out of the room.

Opening the door , taking care not to break the silence, I wandered out into the lonely night, into the verandah, and walked to my favourite mango tree in the courtyard….

The rain had gathered momentum, and small puddles of water had formed on the mud, near the tree….

I danced about in the rain, the water splashing as my legs moved and tickling my feet with its soft gush.

Achoooo !!!

That was a loud sneeze that escaped me…..

I heard someone stirring inside the house.

Oh, the kitchen….. I thought she was done with her work….but no !!

Oh no….She’s coming. What do I do now !

Before I could hide, Ma came out and saw me , standing under my favourite mango tree, enjoying the rain.

“ Abhay, how many times have I told you not to get wet in the rain ? You never understand! Can’t you listen to me for once at least !! This boy is such a brat.....”

She ran to me with her right hand out to give me a beating, even as I ducked and ran inside to the cosy warmth of my room….

Why should I wait for her to beat me…

My mission had been accomplished, hadn’t it ?

I wasn’t wrong this time about the rain, Was I ?

I’m in my room now, Ma has just given me a bowl of hot tomato soup, and bread croutons.

I’m so happy, as I eat the soup with a slurp which matches the crunch of the bread crumbs.

Cold rains, and hot soup afterwards ,this is bliss, I tell you ! :-)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. Yummy tomato soup with crunchy bread croutons.

    1. Haan Kalpana ji :) I was really hungry when I wrote this :D

  2. A light hearted story that brought smile in the face and accomplished the mission of capturing different sounds.A good one

  3. Replies
    1. Hein na ? Sahi mein, I guess there's an Abhay in all of us :)

  4. :)sweet story...great use of sounds

  5. This WOW prompt saw some very interesting reads, a very sound post :D



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