Sunday 27 October 2013

God was with her....

This was her hope and prayer, she somehow wanted to make it.

But the lady in the pink sari looked at her with contempt writ large on her eyes, sarcasm lacing her voice, annoyance and irritation dripping from every inch of her face.

“ 88 % Marks ? And you think you stand a chance among our elite students? I am sorry, I wouldn’t even dream of applying in our school, if I got just 88% in my tenth, and never at all for the Science group. I wonder what made you think you can seek an admission here for the Eleventh ! Our seats are reserved for the best of brains here. We have no seat for you. Better look out for some schools who can actually take you in for your low marks. ”  

Saying this, the Principal glanced at her deputy. The latter smirked.

So that was it. She wouldn’t get a seat there.

It was the year 2000.  She had just returned to her home town in Kerala, after clearing her Secondary School with 88 % marks from the National Capital where her father had been working, and had wanted to join her alma mater, the school where she had been a student before. She loved the school, she longed to be back in its cradle, to relive her wonderful days of learning there.
But she had just been turned down.

What hurt her most was not the rejection, or the prospect of seeking admission elsewhere , or her marks being called low. She had enough faith in herself. What troubled her was the behavior she had to endure from the Principal. This wasn’t the way a teacher was expected to behave. She had no rights whatsoever to discourage someone in so harsh a manner. She could've done it politely and peacefully. Yet she had made her feel sorry for having come there.
This hurt her. 
She glanced at her mother who was sitting next to her, and got up from her seat.

“ Thank you, Ma’m. Sorry for troubling you,”, she said.

As she turned to leave, she made a silent promise to herself. A promise of redemption.

God wouldn’t let her fail, would he ?

She applied in many other Government schools, and a few turned her down as their seats were full, and some shortlisted her as the 100th or 150th in waiting, because there were many students like her, waiting to get into schools after their Board exams.

One day, she received a call from a school run by nuns. She was happy at last, as she got the call even though she was 150th in their list. She waited in anticipation in their auditorium as they were calling out the names of girls who had made it to their roll, straining to hear her name being called.

When they reached the 141st name on the list, the seats got filled and further admissions were cancelled. She was asked to return.

She had lost again. Her tears were silent, this time too.

But, wait. God wouldn’t let her fail, would he ?

That evening, the State Minister of Education announced that further seats had been granted to all schools affiliated to the Government, owing to the growing demand and the school she had been to that morning was the first on the list.

She was called again the next day and admitted to the Commerce Stream. By then, she had composed herself to accept any stream of subjects she could get into, as she knew she could make it work.

The next two years were a challenge in her life. She valued her opportunity to study as a chance which many had not been blessed with, and she worked hard to prove her mettle. She took part in competitions, represented her School at the State Level Contests in Elocutions, Declamations and Writing Contests and won prizes. At the end of two years, she wrote her Pre-University Boards.

Despite all the efforts she had put in, the fear lurked in the back of her mind, had she not done enough? What if her marks weren’t enough to take her to a good college ? What if she had to face the likes of the Principal woman, like she did two years ago  ? What if disappointment awaited her ?

God wouldn’t let her fail, would he ?

June 20th, 2002.

The results of Pre-University Boards for Kerala were declared on this day, at a press conference by the State Minister of Education.

She had topped the State in the Commerce Stream and was declared ‘ The First Rank Holder’ for the year.

Her sweet vengeance was complete. No one would now tell her she wasn’t worth being admitted to any college. She had an answer for all of them.

Three years later, now a graduate in Commerce, she enrolled for Chartered Accountancy. Her father had again been transferred to a far-off city, and this time she couldn’t accompany him as she and her mother had to take care of her ailing grandfather at home. She couldn’t join classes either, as she had to travel to the next city for the same. Staying away from home wasn’t an option she could choose, given her circumstances.

God wouldn’t let her fail, would he ?

She chose to do her own studies along with her internship, and with enough support from her parents, grandparents, her college lecturers and mentors, she cleared her CA exams.
In one go.

God hadn’t let her fail.
He had been with her.
Has been with her.
And, will be with her.

This is a true story. No prizes for guessing the ‘She’ here :-)==============================================================
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  1. I have already guessed who 'she' is. Wonderful and I bow to the brave girl who made every inch of the opportunity that came her way. good writing.

  2. Two adages come to my mind.
    God helps those who help themselves.You have not been wanting in your effortsYou trusted God but kept the gun powder dry.
    A stone fit for the wall will never be found in the way.You are a number cruncher as you call yourself doing well in far off lands.It is the passion to succeed and perseverance, thanks to the initial haughty rejection,that has made you a what you wished to be.

    1. Thanks a lot , KP :) When I got the WoW Prompt, I thought of sharing this here. God has been the force, always. :)

  3. And I am pretty sure this is just the tip of the ice berg. You are meant to do this ;) . A real role model for all in all aspects of life. Cheers and keep it going !

  4. Mrs. S D, the principal in the instant case, at the C V Higher Secondary School, near Thrissur, Kerala, India, if happens to read this, would regret for her behaviour and undiplomatic conduct to this former student of her school. Anyway thanks to that lady, for enkindling the fire in this student, which threw open lots of laurels to the latter during the later days. As the father of the student in question, I can never forgive the principal for her behaviour; but then I cannot be like her because, I am a product of a reknowned school and equally well known college of Thrissur, and my teachers were so eminent in stature and it is their culture that leads me in my life. I seek comments on my views from the readers. Thank You.

  5. Wow sreeja....kudos to you. And your belief and perseverance. :) thanks for sharing. Its a lesson to all those who get everything handed on silver platter. Well written :)

  6. Wow!! That's an awesome journey and proud of you and your achievements! Way to go, Sreeja! :)


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